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Micrograft Transplant Hair Loss Treatment UK

REGENERA ACTIVA Hair Micrograft Transplant Birmingham

Pioneering Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham UK from REGENERA ACTIVA® 

Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham

The new and exciting Regenera Activa® is a simple, non-surgical, fast MICROGRAFT HAIR LOSS TREATMENT that utilises your own regenerative cells extracted from your scalp to stimulate hair regrowth

How does Regenera Activa® hair loss treatment work?


Regenera Activa® is an advanced non-surgical system that works by extracting tiny micro-grafts from the back of your scalp. These micro-grafts are then processed to harvest the regenerative cells. These cells are then injected into the areas of hair loss, where they are used to facilitate the repair and stimulate hair regrowth. The result is thicker and stronger hair.




What are the benefits of Regenera Activa® hair loss treatment?


Regenera Activa® is a simple straight forward minimally invasive treatment that uses autologous micrografts, meaning they are your own specialised cells, just super concentrated. This means that the treatment is completely natural and safe, with no risk of rejection.



Clinic offer of just £1699, inclusive of PRP treatment worth £200 (Limited availability)

Effective hair loss treatment Birmingham UK
Understanding Stem Cells and Progenitor Cells for hair loss?


Stem cells are highly specialised cells that have the remarkable potential to differentiate into many different cell types. Furthermore, they help repair tissues in the body by dividing and replacing damaged tissues. Stem cells are mesenchymal cells with the capacity for self-renewal to become fat cells, cartilage cells, muscle cells, bone cells and nerve cells among other cell types. Stem cells play a key role in reconstructive or tissue engineering medicine as they have already proven effective in developing new treatments. Traditionally, there are two main sources of gaining access to stem cells - 1) bone marrow and 2) adipose (fat). However, these methods do have drawbacks in that gaining stem cells can be very invasive and hugely expensive. Skin micrograft punch biopsy is an alternative and preferred method.



Advantages of skin biopsy versus adipose-derived stem cells


Skin tissue of the scalp is far more specific than adipose tissue, due to having the same embryological origin as the affected region of the hair loss. The science behind regenerative capabilities is powerful protein progenitor cells. These important cells are enclosed within the micrograft and provide a solution that is a powerful site-regulated drugstore that serves as a modulatory agent. By injecting these micrografts into the affected areas of hair loss, these cells are able to perceive the micro-environment that surrounds them.


To obtain the same amount of progenitor you need at least 10ml of fat tissue, whereas, with a skin biopsy micrograft, you only need three small dermatological punches of 2 mm to achieve the same quantity.


Finally, skin biopsies are far less invasive than lipo with much less bruising.


What is the Regenera Activa® treatment process for hair loss?

The treatment process is a simple 3-step procedure that only takes 45 minutes

Step 1 

Harvest of Micro-Grafts


A local anaesthetic is applied, the 3 tiny skin samples (2mm) are extracted from the back of your scalp.

Step 2 

Processing of Regenerative Cells


The Regenera Activa® system processes and extracts regenerative cells containing high amounts of bioactive growth factors.

Step 3 

Injection of Regenerative Cells


Regenerative cells containing growth factors are injected into the scalp areas that are suffering from hair loss.

What Results Should I Expect With Regenera Activa® Micrograft Hair Transplant Treatment?



The current clinical evidence and reviews are showing improvements in hair thickening, hair counts and improved scalp coverage 1 month after Regenera Activa® treatment, which improve drastically over a 3-10 months period.

We first expect to see a reduction in hair loss (shedding).


Following this, we are looking to achieve an improved thickness of existing hair and thgrowth of new hair over the next 3-12 months.


Clinical research has shown that 1 treatment of Regenera Activa® may have results lasting up to 3 years. Great results are achieved when used in combination with other hair loss treatments, like platelet-rich plasma (PRP).


*Results are individually dependent.​​



Regenera Activa Micrograft treatment is only to be carried out by a cosmetic medical doctor and the clinic director. 

Who is an ideal candidate for Regenera Activa®?
Stem cell hair loss treatment UK

  • Suitable for both Men and Women

  • Individuals looking to thicken their hair

  • Slow the progression of hair loss

  • Strengthen hair follicles 

  • A clear diagnostic understanding of Male or Female Pattern Hair Loss

  • Mild to Moderate Hair Loss/Thinning

  • Promote the success of hair transplant surgery


  • Patients should be of good medical health.

  • To optimise the success of the outcome, patients with nutritional deficiencies like vitamin D or hormonal imbalances should be working on a directed control guidance program from their GP. 

Hair Loss Diagnostics

Hair Loss Diagnostics Birmingham

As per or in addition to your hair loss consultation, we can provide hair loss diagnostics. Here we can objectively assess the causes of hair loss and to better understand the success of the hair loss treatment.

We use detailed TrichoLAB technology which is based on trichoscopy. This can provide us with detailed information about your hair loss. Hair consultation and diagnosis are important to every clinical practice via non-time-consuming means. This technology has developed an easy 3-step process which provides us with a detailed hair loss trichoscopic report.

It is recommended to do an initial trichoscopic examination prior to treatment and then regular control examinations to assess progress and success, e.g. three months after starting the treatment.

Furthermore, in some cases, it may be advised to get a blood test done by your GP to assess for any nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances.

Hair Loss Diagnosis Birmingham



Is Regenera Activa® safe?

Regenera Activa has been through extensive clinical trials for efficacy and safety.


Is Regenera Activa® painful?

Minimal discomfort is expected during and after Regenera Activa® Treatment.  You can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment.


Is there any downtime?

Minimal downtime is associated. You can resume your daily activities immediately after the treatment.


Are there any contraindications to Regenera Activa® treatment?

Active infection on the scalp. Good medical history.


Can I combine other treatments?

Yes. Your treatment can be combined with other hair loss treatments like PRP and topical finasteride for a more superior outcome. It is common for patients to reduce their dosage of DHT-blockers after their Regenera Activa treatment.


Effective hair loss treatment UK

Regenera Activa® Hair loss treatment before & afters

Stem Cell Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham UK

Various different timeframes

Hair loss treatment Birmingham
Hair loss treatment Birmingham
Hair loss treatment Birmingham
Hair loss treatment Birmingham
Hair loss treatment Birmingham


Here at the Dynamic Clinic, we are a very professional medical clinic and maintain strict patient confidentiality. Unfortunately, due to our strict clinically confidentially and patient privacy we do not share and before or after images of our patients on online platforms, neither do we push this on our patients. However, we are happy to show you cases in person. Thus, with the permission of the patients.


Regenera Activa® Autologous Cell Micrograft Transfer for Joint Pain and Injury

The cell micrograft transfer treatment can also be used in various different types of joint conditions like mild to moderate cases of arthritis. Cartilage injuries often result from trauma or sports injuries or are the consequence of cartilage degeneration conditions, such as chondromalacia and osteoarthritis.


Whatever the cause may be, the loss of cartilage causes pain and physical disability. In addition to the use of hyaluronic acid Injection, various approaches have been proposed in regenerative medicine to stimulate the production of new cartilage. Biostimulation and biological approaches, such as autologous chondrocyte implantation and the use of platelet-rich plasma to stimulate the production of new cartilage are widely used with good success.


The Regenera Activa Micrograft treatment is an advanced new strategy in regenerative medicine which allows obtaining autologous micro-grafts enriched with mesenchymal stem cells. Compared to additional techniques, this process has been claimed to be faster and safer. To date, the Regenera Activa Micrograft treatment has shown excellent clinical efficacy in the management of a variety of conditions.



The use of autologous grafts enriched in mesenchymal stem cells has resulted in increased healing of cartilage defects visible on MRI. After graft transfer patients have shown reduced swelling alongside improved function and pain.


Cartilage repair


Regenera Activa® Autologous Cell Micrograft Transfer for Skin Rejuvenation 

Skin clinic Birmingham
Stem Cell Skin Treatment Birmingham

Skin Rejuvenation information

Stem Cell Skin Treatment Birmingham
Stem Cell Skin Treatment Birmingham


Hair loss treatment Birmingham
PRP treatment Birmingham

We are incredibly proud to say we are one of the UK’s leading providers of advanced regenerative treatments such as cell micrograft and advanced PRP and have been providing this fantastic treatment with ongoing success for almost 10 years, providing over 1000's of teatments. We are extremely proud of the huge help and support this has provided to so many people.


Furthermore, we offer the highest quality and concentration at very affordable prices. This is for two reasons, 1) we are a UK distributor for PRP kits, which allows us to significantly reduce prices, and 2) we truly believe that that payment has to be justifiable as you are using the patient’s own cells.


Our Clinic Director and Clinical Scientist Mr Adam Whatley is continuing with ongoing clinical research in the exciting area of platelets and stem cells, and to offer the best level of clinical practice to all patients. PRP treatment has been ongoingly praised for being very safe and effectiveness for various different conditions are very different areas of clinical practice. Risks and adverse complications associated with PRP treatment is practically non-existent.

Dynamic regenerative medicine. Injection therapy for pain and joint conditions
Stem cell hair loss treatment Birmingham UK

PRP injection performed by Dynamic Regenerative Medicine for hair loss.

NOTE: minimal pain & downtime is associated during this procedure.

Mr Adam Whatley, is extremely experienced in the field and hugely passionate. Furthermore, he a clinical scientist, carrying out research-based clinical trials in this area of Regenerative Medicine.

PRP Hair Treatment UK

PRP Hair Treatment UK

Regenerative Medicine

Dutasteride mesotherapy

Dutasteride Mesotherapy UK

Regenerative Medicine

PRP Hair Treatment Birmingham

PRP Hair Treatment Birmingham

Regenerative Medicine

For further information please contact us on 01564 330773 or alternatively email us at

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