High Quality Platelets 




World‘s First Patent Registered PRP System

I-STEM PRP (Y-STEM PRP) KIT, has been specifically designed to prevent the PRP kit from shaking during centrifugation, to allow for quality platelets to be produced. Patented Anti-shake PRP system for the first time in the world.


It has been shown that when a PRP kit is shaken, it is not possible to collect highly concentrated platelets. It is for this reason that Patented Anti-shake system is a cutting-edge core technology, Specific to gaining highly concentrated platelet-rich plasma. Gamma-ray sterilization processed I-STEM PRP (Y-STEM PRP) KIT is FDA CE registered & KFDA approved the safe product.


PRP is also being used in conjunction with the majority of hair transplant procedures. 


i-Stem, 20CC (PRP Vials)

Patented i-STEM vial for high-concentration PRP extraction


The I-Stem PRP Kit can get true dense PRP known as the Buffy Coat in a once-off 6 min spin.

What is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma is concentrated platelet cells taken from your blood. It has concentrated growth factors that help in the healing process of injuries and has very good regenerative properties to the skin as well commonly used for stimulating hair restoration. 


Buffy Coat – True PRP

Buffy Coat contains most of the platelet and white blood cells after centrifugation.


PPP is not PRP

A good extraction of Platelet Rich Plasma must contain more than 1 000 000/µl platelet count.


The Buffy Coat accounts for only 1% of total blood

The more PPP you include in The Buffy Coat (PRP), the more mixture (alleged PRP) you may gain. However, it cannot be considered as true PRP and is not as effective for treatment due to the platelet density being low.

Key Features of i-STEM PRP kits?

Slim Neck: 

It can clearly show the separation between PPP, Buffy Coat and red blood cells.


Push Silicon: 

Just push up silicon with a stick for easy extraction


Versatile Size: 

Suitable size for most types of the centrifuge (angle or swing type)


Safety Wings:

  • Y-TYPE Tube has at least 1 pair of safety wings that hold up the upper body of the tube which is bigger and heavier than the lower parts.

  • Safety Wings prevent the tube from being broken while centrifugation.

  • Safety Wings’ important role is to prevent movement during spinning to help get the perfect Buffy Coat

  • It was patented in 2009 and registered in 2013 in Korea, China, Europe, USA, India.




i-STEM PRP Process

  1. Blood gathering: Draw 1 – 2 CC of anticoagulant (ACD-A) and 17cc blood in 20cc syringe.

  2. Blood gathering in the tube: Put the gathered blood into Y-Stem tube.

  3. Centrifugation: Separation of the blood, by only a single spin of centrifugation. No need for second centrifugation.

  4. PRP extraction: Extract 2-3cc of PRP in 3ml syringe.

Advantages of i-STEM PRP kits

1. 7-9 times higher concentration of PRP

Anti-shaking technology enables platelet extraction to be concentrated 7 to 9 times compared to white blood.

2. Convenient Feature:

Blood separation is easy and the buffy coat layer can be clearly identified.

3. Easy Extraction Process:

The extraction method is simple and the time required is short.

4. All centrifuges available:

Both swing and angle type centrifuges are available and only require 6-10 min spinning time.

5. It’s a Safe & Licensed Product:

FDA, KFDA, CE Licensed Safe Product.

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