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Dynamic Regenerative Medicine Birmingham


Mr Adam Whatley  MSc Ost (Med), PGDip, APIL (Clinic Director)
Consultant Clinical Scientist

Mr Adam Whatley is the clinical director at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine. Mr Adam Whatley is a Consultant Clinical Scientist and specialist registered medical Consultant Musculoskeletal Osteopath, with a wealth of clinical experience and a huge passion for helping people with pain and people suffering from hair loss, thus with very diverse areas of interest. Mr Whatley has an advanced training background in musculoskeletal medicine, with a clinical postgraduate background in Regenerative Medicine. Mr Whatley is a highly experienced clinician, who specialises in orthopaedics/musculoskeletal medicine and cosmetic aesthetics - hair restoration. 


Mr Adam Whatley first started his pre-university training in physical therapy and rehabilitation. He then went on to study osteopathy (Med) out of Oxford for five years. Mr Whatley then carried on at Oxford to complete his master's degree in advanced musculoskeletal dysfunction and management. Throughout this, continuing to see patients and setting up a private practice in Birmingham. 


In 2016 Mr Adam Whatley then went on to study for a 2nd master's degree in musculoskeletal medicine and injection therapy out of the University of Nottingham. During this training, based within the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (NHS) Birmingham, Goodhope Hospital (NHS), Solihull Hospital (NHS), Spire Parkway Hospital Solihull (Private) and Spire Parkway Hospital Sutton Coldfield (Private). Here, Mr Adam Whatley was trained by some of the UK’s top orthopaedic and spinal surgeons. Following this Mr Adam Whatley went on to study at Birmingham Medical School and also studied at the Imperial College London, Faculty

of Medicine in 2017.

Mr Adam Whatley Dynamic Regenerative Medicine

Adapting this training into clinical practice, Mr Adam Whatley then further went on to complete his post-graduate Fellow in Regenerative Medicine out of Birmingham and London, also at the same time as completing his training in Aesthetic Medicine & Hair Restoration. Furthermore, Mr Adam Whatley completed his training with the Academy Of Regenerative Medicine.


Furthermore, Mr Adam Whatley is currently practising in the field of Sports Medicine and Performance Science, providing musculoskeletal services for back pain, joint pain and injury treatment. In addition, Mr Adam Whatley carries out acupuncture treatment and also specialist services in Regenerative Orthobiologics and Musculoskeletal Injection Therapy for pain relief management. Alongside this Mr Adam Whatley also practises in minor surgery for the NHS. Services include joint injections on a practice level (GP surgery) as part of the Minor Surgery Direct Enhanced Service.


Mr Adam Whatley has 3 particular areas of interest - 1) Clinical neuroscience (pain neurophysiology and human motor control) where he began a PhD, 2) Hair restoration, using effective modern techniques, and 3) Regenerative medicine in clinical practice using platelets and stem cells.

He also has 3 practice areas of practise interest - 1) acute and chronic back pain, 2) sports medicine where he does much of his work with varying athletes from many different backgrounds, and 3) arthritis and degenerative pain.

Areas of research interest - 1) osteoarthritis and chondrogenesis (cartilage regeneration), and 2) chronic pain management.


Back pain

Sports injuries


Regenerative Medicine

Hair Restoration




Dr Helen Eckley MBChB (Aesthetic Doctor)

Dr Helen Eckley is an experienced practising medical doctor who has previously worked as a general practitioner (GP) and as a doctor of palliative care for over ten years. Originally trained at Bristol Medical School, Dr Helen Eckley also completed extensive post-graduate medical training in cosmetic aesthetics at the highly respected Harley Academy.

Dr Helen Eckley is very passionate about enhancing your looks in the most natural way to achieve a fresher and more youthful appearance. Her experience in medicine means you get the best quality of service and that the techniques, products and equipment used are of the highest standards.

Dr Helen Eckley is committed to thoroughly assessing your requirements, skilfully delivering treatments, and following you up after the procedure to ensure you are happy with the result.


Skin anti-ageing and rejuvenation

General Practice

Palliative care


Dr Helen Eckley Dynamic Regenerative Medicine

Dr Vinay Ketkar MBChB MRCGP (Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine Doctor)

Dr Ketkar has many years of experience as a musculoskeletal specialist in the

NHS and the private sector. He works at Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine, Blackberry Clinic and the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in


Dr Ketkar works very closely with Mr Whatley and has a very keen interest in regenerative medicine within musculoskeletal medicine, orthopaedics and sports medicine. He is chief medical officer for Warwickshire County Cricket Club and

Academy Doctor for Birmingham City Football Club.

Dr Ketkar is fully qualified in RheumatologyOrthopaedics and Sports & Exercise Medicine. He has extensive experience working with elite athletes and also those who take part in recreational sports. He works with patients suffering from pain in joints and soft tissues and has a specialist interest in back pain. Dr Ketkar uses a variety of techniques including rehabilitation, fluoroscopic X-ray and ultrasound-guided injection treatments including prolotherapy.



Back pain

Spinal injections


Sports injuries


Dr Vinay Ketkar Dynamic Regenerative Medicine

For further information please contact us on 01564 330773 or alternatively email us at

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