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Below are old and recent evidence-based research studies and publications into many of the treatments we do here, in relation to many conditions.


This is good for patients to just gauge an idea of what the treatments are all about at a medical and scientific level.


Again, if any questions arise please feel free to get in touch with us here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine. We just want the best level of care for our patients, and offer FREE consultations to discuss your needs.

Effectiveness of platele rich plasma PRP treatment




Treatment of Degenerative Articular Affections with Zeel.pdf


Application Possibilities of Traumeel S Injection Solution.pdf 


The Use of Biological Medicaments in the Sports Medical Area.pdf 


Treatment of Sports Injuries with Traumeel.pdf 


A Comparative View of the Therapeutical Use of Zeel and Traumeel.pdf 


Treatment of Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases with Traumeel.pdf 


Treatment of Achilles Tendinopathy in the Athlete.pdf 


Treatment of Acute Sprains of the Ankle a Double-Blind Trial.pdf


Latest Clinical Results with Traumeel Ointment in Sports. pdf 


Therapy of Post-traumatic Swellings with Traumeel.pdf 


Treatment of Acute Sprains of the Ankle a Double Blind Trial.pdf


Treatment of Acute Sprains of the Ankle a Double Blind Trial.pdf


Treatment of Acute Sprains of the Ankle a Double Blind Trial.pdf


Treatment of Acute Sprains of the Ankle a Double Blind Trial.pdf


Treatment of Acute Sprains of the Ankle a Double Blind Trial.pdf


Traumeel in Traumatic Soft Tissue Swelling.pdf


An investigation by Questionnaire into the Therapeutic Effect of Traumeel.pdf


Injectible Biologics for Treatment of Podiatric Problems.pdf


Treatment Possibilities of Painful Musculo-Skeletal Disorders.pdf


Inflammatory Processes and Treatment Alternatives.pdf


Injection Therapy for the Lower Extremity.pdf


Biological Therapy of Rheumatic Pain in an Orthopedist's Practice.pdf


Antihomotoxic Therapy for Coxarthrosis, Gonarthrosis and Polyarthrosis of Fingers.pdf


Rheumatic Disease from a Paediatric Standpoint.pdf


Periarticular Therapy of Gonarthritis.pdf


An Overview of Rheumatological Disorders.pdf


Therapeutic Report - BHI Arthritis Remedy.pdf


Rheumatic Articular Diseases and their Antihomotoxic Therapy.pdf


Complementary Treatment of Post and Parainfectious Rheumatoid Disorders.pdf


Analgesic Therapy of Rheumatoid Arthritis Part 1 The Problems of Conventional Therapy.pdf


Homeopathic Preparation vs Hyaluronic Acid for Gonococcal Arthritis.pdf


Homeopathic Treatment of Soft Tissue Rheumatic Disorders.pdf


Sterols Sterolins, Natural, Nontoxic Immunomodulators and their Role in Rheumatoid Arthritis.pdf


Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee with Zeel T.pdf


Osteoarthritis Patients Regain Mobility.pdf


Analgesic Therapy of Rheumatoid Arthritis Part 2.pdf


Oral Treatment of Inflammatory, and Degenerative Conditions.pdf


Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases with a Homeopathic Preparation.pdf


Potassium Deficiency as a Cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis.pdf


Treating Arthritic Pain with Ginger.pdf


Use of Antihomotoxic Preparations in the Complex Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.pdf


Homeopathic Preparation vs Hyaluronic Acid for Gonococcal Arthritis.pdf


Homeopathic Treatment of Ankle Sprain - A Case Study.pdf


The Efficacy of Traumeel Versus Diclofenac and Placebo Ointment in Tendinous Pain.pdf


Traumeel - A Testimony.pdf


Heal with Traumeel!.pdf


Homeopathy and High Performance Sport - A Successful Team.pdf


Complex Homeopathy takes Sporting World by Storm.pdf


Antihomotoxic Mesotherapy of Soft Tissue Sports Injuries.pdf


Biological Pain Relief Medicine for the Locomotor System.pdf


Homeopathic Antiarthritic Preparation Zeel - Clinical Data.pdf


Homeopathics in the Cross Country World Championships.pdf


Osteoarthritis of the Knee Homeopathic Meds vs Cox 2 Inhibitors.pdf


Traumeel vs Diclofenac for Treatment of Tendinopathy.pdf


Treating Sports Injuries with Homeopathic Complexes.pdf


Treatment of Arthritis and Rheumatism with Traumeel.pdf


Treatment of Rheumatic Disorders with a Homeopathic Preparation.pdf


Dual Inhibition of 5-lipoxygenase cyclooxygenase by a homeopathic remedy.pdf


Efficacy and Tolerance of Zeel vs Diclofenac for Gonoarthrosis.pdf


Management of Muscle Strains in the Elite Athlete.pdf


The Use of Heel Remedies in Musculoskeletal Disorders.pdf


Efficacy of Traumeel in Control of Post-Operative Pain.pdf


Homeopathic Antiarthritic Preparation Zeel - A Review.pdf


The Role of Traumeel Compared with Conventional Treatment of Injuries.pdf


A Biotherapeutic Approach to Common Sports Injuries


Biopuncture and the Treatment of Sports Injuries


Is Inflammation after Injury All Bad


Muscle Tear in the Lower Leg


Study Confirms Traumeel Effective


Traumeel How Does the Ointment get into the Tube


Treating Sports Injuries - A Functional Approach


Whiplash - Acute Inflammation Becomes Chronic


Review of the Clinical Efficacy of Traumeel.pdf


The Bioregulatory Approach to Musculosekeletal Disorders.pdf


Traumeel vs NSAIDS for Treatment of Epicondylitis


Traumeel and Emerging Option to NSAIDS in Acute Musculoskeletal Injury


Challenges of Pain Masking in the Management of Soft Tissue Disorders


Effectiveness of Zeel



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