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Knee pain injection treatment Birmingham


Musculoskeletal Pain & Injury


Knee pain is an extremely common musculoskeletal compliant and can be due to many different reasons. Knee pain can be due to an acute injury or often caused by degenerative changes. Knee injuries can often be related to sport, exercise or an accident/trauma. Whereas, age-related degenerative changes are often related to progressive wear and degradation of the joint cartilage. Furthermore, knee pain can often commonly be related to overuse. When muscles, tendons and ligaments become repetitively overworked or overstretched they can be subject to micro-trauma and irritation. Over a period of time, repeated irritation of the knee joint and the surrounding soft tissues can consequently lead to inflammation and pain, making everyday activities very difficult.​


  • ACL/PCL ligament injury

  • MCL/PCL ligament injury

  • Meniscus tear

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Cartilage damage

  • Patella tendinitis 

  • Knee bursitis

  • Inflammatory arthritis

  • Trauma

  • Sports injury

  • Overuse

  • Poor mobility

  • Genetic predisposition

Knee pain and injury treatment Birmingham


Conservative treatment for knee pain - Osteopathy & Physiotherapy


  • Stretching - stretching and massage of the local muscles can help to take some of the pressure off the irritated tissues

  • Rest - patients are advised to reduce activities that put stress on the joint and tendons like running or repetitive activities 

  • Knee support - a support can sometimes be effective when performing certain activities

  • Taping/acupuncture/dry needling -  has been shown to reduce pain, and a number of different taping techniques to support​

  • Manipulation -  breaking down scar tissue and joint manipulations

  • Strengthening -  appropriate strengthening and dynamic stability exercises


Due to modern living, sometimes knee, ligament injuries and tendinitis can turn into chronic pain. If this is the case then other modes of treatment are also available. Injection therapy for knee pain and injury is also commonly used to treat the stubborn condition and can deliver good success in many cases. Injection therapies often involve steroid injections and/or platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections.​


Knee injection treatment Birmingham

Cortisone injections (steroid injection)

Knee pain suffers who have not responded well to conservative treatments may be advised to have a cortisone injection to reduce inflammation and pain. The factors to consider if one is thinking about having a steroid injection is that often (if successful) steroid injections for pain can be short-lived and may have an overall degenerative effect on the local tissue if repeated. Although they can be good for inflammation, cortisone injections are not used for knee tendons due to weakening tissue, putting it at an increased risk for rupture (tear), if repeated too often.


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections

Becoming increasing more popular, platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a natural treatment commonly used in musculoskeletal practice and sports medicine that uses platelets from the patient’s blood to promote and facilitate healing in damaged tissue. Increased data from evidence-based clinical studies are increasingly showing that PRP injections are not only safe and effective for the treatment of knee pain and injury, but also have improved benefits over cortisone, particularly for long term progress.

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In the area of musculoskeletal practice, we are incredibly proud to say we are one of the UK’s leading providers of popular regenerative treatments like hyaluronic acid injections and advanced PRP treatment, along with musculoskeletal pain injections, and have been providing these fantastic treatments with ongoing success for over 10 years, providing many 1000's of treatments. This is manly due to our reputation and being centrally based within the UK. We are extremely proud of the huge help and support this has provided to so many people.


Our Clinic Director and Clinical Scientist Mr Adam Whatley is very passionate on musculoskeletal research and is continuing with ongoing clinical research in this exciting area, and to offer the best level of clinical practice to all patients. Cortisone injections have been ongoingly praised for being very effective for pain relief. Risks and adverse complications associated with musculoskeletal injections are very minimal.

Dynamic regenerative medicine. Injection therapy for pain and joint conditions
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