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Adipose tissue stem cells or tissue biopsy in Regenerative Medicine?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Adipose tissue stem cells or tissue biopsy in Regenerative Medicine

There are 2 main sources of gaining access to stem cells - 1) bone marrow and 2) adipose (fat). Adipose derived stem cells are mesenchymal cells with the capacity for self-renewal to beocome fat cells, cartilage cells, muscles cells, bone cells and nerve cells among other cell types. Stem cells play a key role in reconstructive or tissue engineering medicine as they have already proven effective in developing new treatments.

The use of bone marrow to gain stem cells is invasive and hugely expensive. In this method the clinician has to drill into bone to gain rich sources.

With the use of fat to gain stem cells it is more simplistic, however, there are still drawbacks:

  • Liposuction can be complicated and very painful following.

  • There is a higher risk of infection

  • Most athletes don't have enough fat sources to perform the treatment

  • The procedure is longer and more expensive than Regenera Activa

  • The exact number of cells needed is unknown

  • Fat is not the same embryological tissue

Advantages of skin biopsy versus adipose derived stem cells:

Skin tissue of the scalp is far more specific than adipose tissue, due to having the same embryological origins of the affected region. The science behind the regenerative capabilities is of powerful protein progenitor cells. These important cells in closed within the micrograph to solution or powerful site regulated drugstore is that serve as modulatory agents. By injecting these micro-grafts into the affected areas, these cells are able to perceive the micro environment that surrounds them.

To obtain the same amount of progenitor cells you need at least 10ml of fat tissue, whereas with a skin biopsy micro-graft, you only need three small dermatological punches of 2 mm to achieve the same quantity.

Finally, skin biopsies of far less invasive than lipo with much less bruising.


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