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Effective scar treatment Birmingham and Henley In Arden



Effective Natural Treatment for Unwanted Scars  

It most certainty goes without saying that our skin can be a huge dictator of our personal confidence and self-esteem. When our skin is good we feel great! This being said, there are many factors that can contribute to or affect the natural beauty and vitality of our skin. Factors may include - scars and  skin pigmentation issues.

Our skin is unique to us and we can look after it and improve it in many different ways to keep it bright, fresh and healthy looking. The most effective scar and restoration treatments require a personalised tailored regime specifically to you and your personal requirements.

Scar Treatment Birmingham

Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine, we are offering a FREE consultation with our pigment scar specialist Tina, who will offer you an in-depth personalised skin analysis, which will provide you with an overview* of your how your scar can be effectively treatment along with effective guidance on enhancing a better appearance of your skin. 

*If further diagnostic confirmation is needed, then an appropriate dermatological review will be provided or advised.

Effective Pigment Scar Treatment

Effective pigment scar treatment

Here at the Dynamic Clinic we truly understand how much scaring can affect your self-confidence. There are many different scars that can have a great impact on us whether it be a surgical scar, accident, trauma or self harm. Here we apply simple and effective, safe methods that now have the exciting ability to reduce the appearance of unpleasant scarring and blend using natural camouflage pigmentation colours. Treatment methods are simple, reliable, safe and fast with no downtime.



We appreciate that scarring can be hugely complicated and extremely difficult to treat. In addition, there can be many different forms of scarring that can also relate to poor hair growth in the scar area and poor cover-up. It is very important that we find the best method of treatment for the individual and the scar type.


The procedure works in 3 simples forms: initially, we look to perform a scar reduction technique that aims to flatten the scar as best as possible. Following on from this we look to choose the correct pigment for the scar, and then work to blend the scar to ensure the best possible outcomes. Tina will look to arrange a simple face-to-face FREE consultation. Here she will discuss the area of concern, possible treatment methods and how the treatment works. If you would prefer to simply send us some photos beforehand this is absolutely fine. Our team of highly specialised clinicians will review and get back to you.

Using prescription based pigment colours and up to date technology, our clinical team here at the Dynamic Clinic in Birmingham and Henley In Arden will use a delicate but highly skilled technique to implants these pigment colours into your scar and surrounding tissue, delicately blending with your natural skin tone. In many different areas of the body including the face. It is of the aim of scar treatment to:

  • Soften rough skin texture 

  • Reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks 

  • Promote and restore smooth, even skin 

What causes scarring?


Acne is one example here, a condition that affects a many of people in the UK in their life and many cases it can leave long-term skin scarring which can causes poor confidence and distress.


Shallow scars are usually minor and have the ability to heal fast. But if there is a deep lesion or an infection in the skin pore, the attempt of skin repair can result in the formation of new collagen fibres. These repairs usually aren't as smooth as the original skin, their focus is to provide protective closure. However, the good news is that treatments are available that can assist in restoring your skin back to its original health.

Hair Transplant Surgery Scar Reduction & Cover Up

As more and more people are now having hair transplant surgeries here in the UK and aboard. With this, it is very important that transplant scars can be effectively camouflaged and concealed. 

Older style hair transplant's are known for using the FUT 'strip' method that can leave a nasty looking linear scar across the back of the head. Newer methods in hair transplant surgery now use the FUE method, which does not leave a long linear scar, but can leave little white dots in the donor area that can be noticeable if the hair is kept short.

Now there is a very effective simple way of covering these scars via the pigment blending method. This method is similar to that of the scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) method, however, this technique is far more specific to scar treatment, blending and camouflage. Furthermore, this technique uses a multitude of varying different pigment covers, to get the very best skin camouflage. SMP, only uses the one style of ink and cover, that can lead to poor outcomes such as fading, colour changing to grey or green, and the 'spot' pigments merging together, providing a patchy outcome.

Hair Transplant Surgery Scar Reduction & Cover Up Birmingham
Hair Transplant Surgery Scar Reduction & Cover Up Birmingham

For further information or to book a FREE CONSULTATION please contact us on 01564 330773 or alternatively email us at

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