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PRP Injection Treatment for Muscle Injury Repair

Updated: Feb 27

The Biological Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Treatment in Skeletal Muscle Injury and Repair

PRP Injection Treatment for Muscle Injury Repair

Stubborn muscle injuries can be difficult to treat on occasions and can extremely frustrating for keen sport and exercise individuals. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a biological platelet plasma product that contains numerous growth factors and active proteins that is becoming increasingly used for stability, repair and healing of damaged tissue. The mechanism behind PRP in regenerative medicine has been well investigated for a high number of years, and includes the identification and concentration of released growth factors and exosomes.

The ongoing benefits of PRP treatments have been highly recommended and are used widely in musculoskeletal medicine, especially for chronic cartilage issues, tendinitis with the inclusion of repair of injured skeletal muscle. The 2021 report below summarises some of the more recent studies in the use of PRP as it relates to muscle healing, in both the in vitro and clinical arenas.

In clinical practice, we have been performing PRP treatment for chronic issues with excellent success rates for well over a decade, and seeing practically minimal side-effects.

See 2021 report, here.


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