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Hair Transplant vs Hair Follicle Stem Cell Micrografting Therapy for Hair Loss

Updated: Feb 23

Hair Transplant vs Hair Follicle Stem Cell Micrografting Therapy for Hair Loss

Hair Transplant vs Stem Cell Micrografting Therapy for Hair Loss

So what is better - hair transplant surgery or stem cell injections?

This is a question we get asked every day. In short, both are very valuable and both work very well together. The question is - what is the extent of the hair loss? In mild to moderate cases of hair thinning, then stem cell injection therapy is a very good option used to stimulate hair follicles that are weakening. Whereas, in severe cases of hair loss, hair transplant surgery is a good option to replace hair where hair follicles are completely non existent. But both work very well together.

Stem cell injection treatment for hair loss

Stem cell micrografting is a popular regenerative injection therapy that is frequently used to stimulate hair follicles. It is used to preserve, maintain, thicken hair and promote new regrowth. It is a very fast, safe injection treatment that has no downtime. It is similar to PRP therapy, just more sophisticated. Further information can be found here.


  • fast and easy

  • no scars

  • Affordable

  • no downtime

  • high success rate

  • natural treatment

  • treats existing hair


  • dose not work for everyone

  • limited success for areas of significant hair loss/thinning.

Hair Transplant Surgery

This a method of taking healthy hair follicles from the back of the scalp and inserting them in to areas of the scalp that area heavily thinning.


  • high success rate


  • expensive

  • small scarring

  • downtime required

  • scabbing after surgery

  • does not treat existing hair

When comparing the two hair loss treatments, they both work very well together. The best over all solution is a catch your hair loss early and treat it sooner rather than later to avoid to possibility to have to go for hair transplant surgery. If you can catch it early, then you can treat conservatively with over the counter minoxidil and injection therapy. If your hair loss goes too far, then you can consider transplant surgery for the areas of significant thinning, and then injection therapy on the normal hair regions to preserve and maintain.

Do kindly get in touch to find out more or schedulate a FREE consultation to see how we may be able to treatment your hair loss. We have established, highly experienced hair loss clinics in Birmingham and Warwickshire.

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