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Effectiveness of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Birmingham

Effectiveness of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Birmingham

Plasma-rich platelet (PRP) treatment is now frequently being used in hair transplants, and following on. PRP has been used in various medical specialities, like cardiac surgery, wound healing, and oral surgery for many years. Platelets are very specialised cells that help the blood to clot when there is an injury, along with releasing bioactive protein growth factors which stimulate repair and healing.

Researchers have completed many studies to show the effectiveness the PRP treatment many cases, particularly for the treatment of hair loss. Photographic evidence has been used to evaluate PRP therapy, when injected into the scalp for the effective treatment of individual who have androgenetic alopecia. Results have been measured and calculated via the progress of new hair growth and thickness.

Research studies in the effectiveness of PRP Therapy for the treatment of hair loss and thinning

Results from the studies and various other studies have shown an increase in the growth and the thickness of the hair and individuals who have undergone PRP injections, for both male and female individual suffering with hair loss.

Gentile et al., (2017) compared PRP treatment with not using PRP in a control group for individuals suffering with androgenetic alopecia, and showed that PRP is a safe and effective method for the treatment of hair growth. Following a review of 3 months following treatment - showed an increase in hairs growing back and growing thicker when compared with control groups. Thickness and quality of hair then continued to improve over the forthcoming months. PRP treatment for hair loss has been shown to stimulate the growth of cells in the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and improved blood supply to hair follicles.

PRP treatment effectiveness comes from the fact that the high concentration of platelets is able to release and stimulate several protein growth factors and stem cells that facilitates activation of repair, growth and development of cells. PRP treatment has also been shown to increase the length of the anagen phase, which is the time when hair follicles are actually growing.

PRP treatment and the FUE surgery

PRP treatment is now very often in most cases used in conjunction with an FUE hair transplant procedure. Is because it allows for your new transplanted hair follicles to flourish. You can visit the Dynamic Regenerative Medicine to learn more about PRP treatment and its benefits, effectiveness.


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