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The Benefits of Arnica, specifically for Pain and Inflammation

Arnica has been widely used as a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of many inflammatory conditions for many years. Here we’ll give your a brief overview of the therapeutic uses for Arnica

Arnica has been shown to be more effective than placebo when used for the treatment of several conditions. However, its dosages has produced differences in the clinical outcomes. Evidence suggests that Arnica may represent a valid alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, at least when treating some specific conditions. Follow link below for further specific information. (

Why Choose Natural Pain Relief?

Arnica offers a natural alternative to conventional pain medicines, which often mask the experience of pain. Arnica addresses the underlying conditions that cause pain (particularly inflammation), stimulating the body to heal itself.1 Furthermore, Arnica works without the risks and side effects of standard pain killers. Common over-the-counter painkillers can pose serious health risks, especially when overused. 

Arnica was first used to treat pain and injury in the 1500s, and since then medicinal forms of arnica has grown popularity. Some preparations, like homeopathic arnica, are FDA-regulated. Others, like herbal arnica, are not regulated as medicine by the FDA. A Around the world, arnica has remained very popular for the use of bruising. But arnica can help with so much more. 

Uses of Arnica Joint Soreness & Stiffness Very common usage for stiff and painful joints. Minor Arthritis Pain Mild to moderate arthritis. Swelling often used for its powerful ability to reduce swelling in inflammation. Back, Neck, & Shoulder Pain Arnica gel is known to relieve muscle pain quickly. Plus, it’s easy to apply right at the sore spot. Facial Pain Following cosmetic treatments and dental procedures, arnica is recommended to treat facial bruising, swelling, and general soreness. You can use oral arnica tablets, or apply an arnica topical to the swollen or bruised area to help relieve the pain and heal bruising faster. Just remember: don’t apply topical arnica to areas with broken skin. 

Furthermore, here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine we are utilising the power of this natural anti-inflammatories. Therefore, we are offering the treatment of Traumeel Injections which are Arnica based natural anti-inflammatory injections. And we find a very popular alternative to steroidal injections. 

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