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Why platelets? By Dynamic Regenerative Medicine Birmingham

Platelets are cells naturally present in our blood, with lots of important functions. 

It was thought that the function of this type of blood cell was solely to help in the formation of blood clots for blood bleeding when the body was injured. Recently  research has shown that these cells howeve also play a key role in tissue healing and repair. Thus, making it exciting in the role of recovery. Platelets normally circulate around the body in the blood vessels in an inactivated state but when an injury occurs the platelets become activated. They interact with other blood components to form a clot that effectively blocks the hole at the site of injury and stops further loss of blood. Interesting, when activated they also release a number of messenger molecules and growth factors. These are the cells responsible to stimulate the healing processes in the body. As we all know, when someone cuts themselves, the wound stops bleeding in a couple of minutes, and within few days has healed over, with new tissue replacing that which was damaged, this is the injury-repair cycle. The substances released by platelets attract other specialized cells in the body to the site of injury where they immediately start to repair the damage and grow new tissue that heals the wound. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facilitated this process to able platelets to augment healing. In this process - A small quantity of blood is taken from the patient; from this the platelets are isolated and then further concentrated. Just before application, these are activated and used to treat the desired site. Once applied to the body they then start to initiate a healing response to repair / rejuvenate body tissues. Find Out More. If you’d like to find out more about how Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can help you treat an injury or painful condition OR achieve that natural youthful look, then visit:  OR email us at

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