REGENERA ACTIVA® Progenitor Stem Cell Micrograft Facelift

Stem Cell Micrograft Facelift

Pioneering Autologous Cellular Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Birmingham REGENERA ACTIVA® 

Stem Cell Skin Rejuvantion Treatment Birmingham

The new and exciting Regenera Activa® MICRO-GRAFT FACIAL REJUVENATION TREATMENT that utilises your own regenerative cells extracted from HEALTHY SKIN to stimulate no collagen production

Dynamic Regenerative Medicine is very excited to deliver this new exciting non-surgical treatment to the UK via Regenera Activa technology. This is the future of regenerative medicine, delivering a revolutionary new option for anti-ageing skin rejuvenation via the use of Progenitor Stem Cell Micrograft treatment.





With progenitor stem cell regenerative skin injections, your skin can be treated for stimulating repair and regeneration naturally. 



Regenera Activa® is a specialised method of treatment that works by extracting tiny micro-grafts from healthy skin. High potency regenerative cells are then extracted from the micro-grafts and then used to facilitate repair and stimulate new tissue growth.


Skin and facial rejuvenation by autologous regenerative progenitor stem cells trigger tissue regeneration. This treatment takes place only once but can be repeated once every 1-3 years as part of maintenance therapy. This form of cellular biostimulation utilises the patient’s own tissue-derived stem and regenerative cells to promote skin anti-ageing rejuvenation.




What are the benefits of Regenera Activa® anti-ageing skin rejuvenation treatment?


Regenera Activa® is a simple straight forward non-surgical minimally invasive treatment that uses autologous micrografts, meaning they are your own cells. This means that the treatment is completely natural and safe, with no risk of rejection.




Introductory offer of just £1699 (Limited availability)

Stem cell anti-ageing skin rejuvenation treatment Birmingham

What is the Regenera Activa® treatment process for skin rejuvenation?


The treatment process is a simple 3-step procedure that only takes 45 minutes

Step 1 

Harvest of Micro-Grafts


A local anaesthetic is applied, the 3 tiny skin samples (2mm) are extracted from the back of your scalp.

Step 2 

Processing of Regenerative Cells


The Regenera Activa® system processes and extracts regenerative cells containing high amounts of bioactive growth factors.

Step 3 

Injection of Regenerative Cells


Regenerative cells containing growth factors are injected into the skin areas that suffering ageing.


What Results Should I Expect With Regenera Activa® Mircograft Anti-ageing Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?



The current clinical evidence and reviews are showing improvements in skin condition after 1-2 weeks with Regenera Activa® treatment, which improves drastically over a 3-10 months period once cells go through a regenerative process.


Clinical research has shown that 1 treatment of Regenera Activa® may have results lasting up to 3 years. Great results are achieved when used in combination with other hair loss treatments, like platelet-rich plasma (PRP).


*Results are individually dependant.



Regener Activa Micrograft treatment is only to be carried out by a cosmetic medical doctor and the clinic director. 


Regenera Activa® Autologous Cell Micrograft Transfer for Skin Rejuvenation 

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