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Why Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments for Hair Regrowth are on the rise?

PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment
PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment

Is your blood the answer to your hair loss problem?

We all know that hair loss is extremely common and notoriously difficult to treat. Many of us who suffer from hair loss are continuously searching for an answer or possible options that may help. Look no further - as it turns out we may have found it, and your already own it.

Platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP) is the latest treatment for hair loss, and good clinical studies are showing that fantastic outcomes. Your blood contains platelets that can release 'growth factors' which ultimately providing stimulation for hair growth. Best of all PRP treatment is extremely easy, safe and completely natural.

Dynamic Regenerative Medicine has been specialising now in hair loss treatment within the whelm of regenerative medicine for quite some time, specifically in the Birmingham and Warwickshire areas. Patients often travel all over the UK to attend out our.

So why are Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments for Hair Regrowth are on the rise?


PRP therapy has been used throughout a large variety of medical treatments such as Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine, Dental surgery, Plastic Surgery, Skin Dermatology and Hair Loss etc.. It is used to stimulate repair damaged tissues including tendons, cartilage and ligaments. It is now most commonly used to treat mild to moderate arthritis and in cosmetics.


A sample of blood is taken and processed to separate the red blood cells and plasma. The concentrated platelets are then injected into the scalp activating the release of powerful growth factors that then stimulate hair follicles resulting in increased hair density, hair thickness and ultimately improved scalp coverage. The treatment is quick, easy and non-surgical, furthermore no drugs are used during this procedure, only your own blood.

3) The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes to perform (including blood draw). No downtime is needed, and most patients experience minimal pain. No risks are associated with the PRP treatments as its your own blood – just the possibility of minor soreness and redness of the scalp, if any, but that resolves in less than a day. Improved hair growth can be see within 4 weeks, some faster than others.

Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine in Birmingham and Solihull we pride ourselves on success. We use the best the PRP system, with the highest concentration of the platelets, and follow a unique protocol that works. Mr. Adam Whatley (Director) has been through ALL tried and tested methods himself, including multiple hair transplants. He knows exactly how it feels and shares the same story as most of you seeking hair loss treatment.

Do PRP treatments sound like they could be the answer for your hair loss problem? Here we can help you build a realistic treatment plan that will work best for you.

PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment
PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment

To learn more about hair loss and to find the treatment plan that works for you, contact Dynamic Regenerative Medicine Solihull. Click here to request FREE consultation or call the clinic at 01564 330773.


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