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Treating Hair Loss (Androgenetic alopecia) with the Regenera Cell Micrograft Transplant Birmingham

Treating Hair Loss (Androgenetic alopecia) with the Regenera Cell Micrograft Transplant Birmingham

Hair restoration treatments claim to increase the number of follicles, but aside from hair transplant, realistically speaking the truth is there is no actual treatment capable of creating more hair follicles as this is a full anatomical structure. The Regenera® method is no exception to this rule, and its action is based on the regeneration and recovery of severely non-functional but still-alive hair follicles. These dysfunctional hair follicles become miniaturised due to natural evolution of causes, particularly found in androgenetic alopecia. During the initial stages of hair loss as a result of androgenetic alopecia, many miniaturised hair follicles can become apparent. Moreover, it is important to realise that this is progressive. The more miniaturised hair follicles a patient has at the beginning of the treatment, the better the expected results.

Regenera Micrograft Treatment for Hair Restoration

During the Regenera treatment It uses a special piece of equipment known as a microdermatome that breaks up the graft of skin by means of 2.5-mm biopsies and filters elements smaller than 50 micras, such as cells. The processed material with the regenerative cells extracted is then reinjected into the patient's scalp, at effected areas. The biological product then provides therapeutic action, With practically no biological manipulation. No added chemicals or any other physical processing medium is used. The Regenera® protocol involves the following sequential main steps: i) Local anesthetic— Lidocaine 2% without adrenaline—, ii) Skin micrograft from the napearea—2.5 mm punch x 3—, iii) Micrograft placed in the Regeneracons® and in the machine —mechanical

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