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The Efficient Mechanisms of PRP Treatment for Musculoskeletal Disease and Damage

The Efficient Mechanisms of PRP Treatment for Musculoskeletal Disease and Damage

Autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection treatment is a safe biological method used to treat many musculoskeletal conditions and diseases. By downregulation of inflammatory cytokines and stimulation of synovial fibroblasts, PRP injection treatment is very fastly becoming an extremely popular and promising treatment for patients with chronic degenerative disease and chronic autoimmune inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

A major problem in comparing the results of clinical trials in this area is the considerable variability in the cytokine content of PRP. In this recent August 2022 study, they presented the profile of selected growth factors and inflammatory cytokines in the obtained PRP samples and compared them with baseline serum levels to assess the efficacy of PRP as a source of those paracrine molecules. Additionally, the scientists wanted to determine whether the difference is only quantitative, which would suggest the use of a cheaper alternative by injecting a large amount of autologous serum. Here, they analysed whole blood and PRP samples prepared using a new Platelet Concentration System in 31 subjects aged 35-60 years.

Cell content analysis, 7 selected growth factors, and 13 human inflammatory cytokines were evaluated. From this they found a statistically significant increase in 4 of the tested growth factors and 8 of the inflammatory cytokines tested in PRP compared to blood serum. The difference is not only quantitative but also in the composition of paracrine molecules.

In conclusion, the study confirmed that PRP is an efficient source of several growth factors and inflammatory cytokines. These data provide additional insight into the potential mechanisms of PRP's effects on cellular metabolism and inflammatory response and may contribute to a better understanding of its clinical efficacy.

Full study can be found here


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