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PRP treatment with hair transplant Birmingham

Our body itself has the best methods and as well as active ingredients for repair and recovery. The art is simply to isolate these active ingredients for specific purposes to our advantage. PRP treatment following a hair transplant is used to facilitate graft health, strength and to promote the best outcomes. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is highly concentrated with blood proteins and platelets, which allow for remarkable cellular rejuvenation and regeneration.

Benefits of PRP treatment

- Increased vitality of the hair follicles following hair transplant (FUE with PRP)

- Faster recovery from hair transplant surgery

- Stimulation of the transplanted hair follicles after hair transplant surgery

Maintaining the vitality of hair follicles following a hair transplant is extremely important. In a new process PRP is also added to the storage liquid or the hair follicles are washed directly with a PRP-liquid, the positive effect can be seen immediately. PRP treatment following has many positive effects on the strength and condition of hair follicles, along with eccell wound healing and stimulating hair follicles for a better and faster hair growth.

PRP treatment during and following hair transplant

Platelets are hugely beneficial and have many valuable active ingredients. Following injection, the platelets that carry the magnification factor of the blood in to be drastically reduced by an RNA-activator to a highly efficient tool against hair loss and at the same time increases the quality of hair significantly. The stimulation of the tissue around the hair root has accelerated and has significantly improved. The consequences are vigorously growing hair with tight the grip. PRP treatment is very advantageous and has many additional benefits to allow for stability and quality after your hair transplant. Furthermore, there are no side effects or allergic reactions.

Find out more in formation on how Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment can help following your hair transplant. Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine we specialise in hair loss treatment and have clinics in Solihull and Birmingham.



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