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PRP Treatment & Clinical Improvement For Hair Loss. Double Blind Clinical Trial. December 2023.

Updated: Feb 27

Comparing Varying Methods on Platelet Count and Clinical Improvement of Hair Loss (Androgenetic Alopecia): A Randomised, Double-blind Clinical Trial. December 2023.

PRP Treatment & Clinical Improvement For Hair Loss. Double Blind Clinical Trial. December 2023.

This recent study looked to evaluate Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for its clinical effects in the treatment of hair loss. PRP treatment widely known as an biological therapy for the most common form of hair loss androgenetic alopecia (AGA). This treatment has been seen in many cases over the past decade to be very successful and safe. This being said, there is remins mixed standardised methods for its preparation and application. This study aims to compare the platelet count elevation and clinical AGA improvements between single and double spin PRP preparation methods.

This double-blind, randomised clinical trial Subjects were divided into a single-spin group (3,000rpm for 15 minutes) and a double-spin group (first spinning at 1,500rpm for 6 minutes, continuing at 2,500rpm for 15 minutes). The study was conducted for six weeks, with a two-week visit interval. Baseline and PRP platelet counts were assessed on the initial appointment. A total of 1ml of PRP was intradermally injected into a specific area, administered at 0, 2, and 4 weeks. At each visit, clinical progress was assessed and analysed.

It was showing that both groups increased had increased platelet count by 4 to 5 times from their baseline levels, with the single-spin group having higher platelet levels. Also, significant improvements were seen in both groups, including hair density, hair rate, and hair count of anagen, telogen, vellus, and terminal hair.

This study concluded that both PRP preparation methods significantly raised platelet counts. This then substantially improved all hair measurement parameters, and have tremendous therapeutic promise for treating hair loss in men and women (AGA). Clinicians may will optimise the best treatment plan.

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