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New advances in biological treatments for osteoarthritis

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Knee osteoarthritis is the most common degenerative disease of our joints caused by joint cartilage tears, degradation and bony spurs. Various treatments are used to help patients suffering with osteoarthritis, including pain killers and joint injections.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an autologous (your own) and high platelet concentrate of the blood, which is used to stimulates the cartilage healing process and improve the damage caused by this joint degenerative disease. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is also used which is an effective treatment for patients with osteoarthritis.

In a recent clinical study (double blind RCT) looking at the effectiveness of PRP and HA combination treatment administered via intra-articular injections for patients with knee osteoarthriti, discovered very promising results.

A total of 360 patients with knee osteoarthritis were randomised into 4 different treatment groups as follows:

1) PRP (2–14 ml)

2) treatment with HA (0.1–0.3 mg)

3) PRP and HA

4) placebo groups

Following treatment, all patients were evaluated, and it demonstrated that PRP and HA treatment significantly improved joint pain. Furthermore, the PRP treatment was determined to be significantly more effective than HA treatment alone.

PRP and HA combination treatment significantly improved joint pain symptom, reduced humoral and cellular immune responses and promoted angiogenesis, which improved the patients' histological parameters compared with PRP or HA treatment alone. These results suggested that PRP and HA combination treatment is an exciting potential treatment option for patients with cartilage damage or osteoarthritis in the future.

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