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Make sure you are having the correct PRP treatment & how to avoid clinics doing incorrect treatment!

Updated: Jun 25

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To get the very best out of your treatment it is fundamentally important that you as the patient are having the very best treatment and this involves having the correct PRP treatment. This being said, unfortunately there are many clinics out there which are doing incorrect and inappropriate treatment. This is simply because of PRP protocols varying. To simply avoid this, it is very important to know and understand what you are having as the patient so you can be more aware.

Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine, we only believe in offering the best quality of PRP treatment with the best up to date protocols. We are medical and clinical scientists who specialise in the area of regenerative medicine (clinical practice and research), who have a particular niche in the area of platelet concentrate and PRP (platelet rich plasma). Our PRP treatment is of the best quality, it has to be because we practice across many different fields with hair restoration to musculoskeletal medicine which involves – knee joint injections, soft tissue pain injuries and spinal injections. Therefore, the PRP has to be of the best quality to, of course, have the best outcome.

Based on the above, we would like to educate you on best systems and best practices. Unfortunately, many clinics performing PRP incorrectly. Simply taking blood from the patient in sterile tubes and then spinning it and injecting concentration back into the patient without using a proper specialised PRP kit is incorrect. Below is an image of a yellow blood collecting tube with anticoagulant solution. This is NOT a PRP kit and should not be used for spinning and PRP usage. If you see a clinic simply taking blood with this and then spinning it and using it for treatment, this is INCORRECT and should be avoided!

Now having PRP treatment should involve using a fully CE registered PRP kit, which is used specifically for collection of high concentration platelet rich plasma. The single tube PRP kits you see below 👇🏼 are also poor quality and should not be used for high concentration PRP. Single tubes below.

PRP treatment UK

To get the very best out of your PRP treatment, you should be having a protocol which involves a specialised registered PRP kit. See below examples. Also, treatment protocol should be administered by a specialist in the field of regenerative medicine who understands platelet research. This, for the safety of the patient. Correct standard, CE certified, fully registered, highly sterile, safe PRP kits/system below 👇🏼. *Some kits/system can vary in quality and pricing.

Unfortunately, in some cases, to reduce costs, people will avoid this option. This is incorrect and the patient should be aware of this. Likewise, it is highly recommended that the patient should not reduce safety and effectiveness just the cost of reducing payment payments.

Another thing to bring to your attention is platelet activation. For appropriate release of growth factors from platelets, activation is required. This involves the highly intricate process of calcium chloride which should be entailed by a specialist in the field. Only a very tiny, highly detailed amount is required. This should not just be a standard protocol, and should be tailored to the patient. Images below 👇🏼. Improper administration of calcium chloride can lead to reaction.

Overall, with this article, we are trying to inform and educate patient of the correct systems and protocols for safety and efficiency. This is not a marketing or sales article. We do not necessarily mind where you go for your treatment just as long as it is done correctly.

Additionally, this is why medical and scientific research in the area of platelet rich plasma can be so challenging because of varying degrees of protocols. Standardisation is needed to measure and compare, alongside consistency. At Dynamic Regenerative Medicine, we have been working with PRP in clinical practice and research based for over 10 years and have performed many thousands of treatments with extremely good safety and efficiency. We are very fond of this unique biological treatment due to many reasons - efficacy, safety, affordability, simplicity, minimal, downtime, et cetera…

Please do kindly get in touch if you would like to simply find out more. More than happy to help and advise.

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