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Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin with Stem Cells for the effective treatment of Hair Loss Birmingham

Updated: Mar 28

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is the second generation of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and improved platelet concentrates. PRF is now be used in many fields of treatment to facilitate healing and promote angiogenesis (new blood vessels).

PRF is a new platelet concentrate concept which gathers platelets and important white blood cells like cytokines in to fibrin matrix clot. Advanced-PRF™ (A-PRF™) and injectable-PRF (i-PRF), which utilises much lower speeds of blood centrifugation for promoting of maximum results, bringing about a significantly higher number of these important white blood cells, platelets, and growth factors to enhance and stimulate the regenerative process.


When looking in to hair loss, androgenic alopecia (AGA), is by far is the most common type of progressive hair loss brought on by genetic predisposition and hormonal triggers. Alopecia based hair loss is difficult to treat especially at advanced stages of loss. However, options are now readily available to help hair regrowth like, certain drugs, hair transplant therapy, and injection of PRP. PRP has recently shown fantastic success in the treatment of hair loss for many cases, and better still it is completely natural and is not associated with unwanted side-effects. Activated platelets release bioactive growth factors in PRP that can greatly aid hair regrowth. This being said, more excitingly - PRF is an advanced version of PRP, which is why many clinicians are turning to use i-PRF instead of PRP for treatment of the effective treatment of hair loss.

There are various treatment options available to treat hair loss, such as, hair transplant, drug based finasteride and minoxidil, and PRP. All the treatment modalities offer little help except PRP which improves hair growth by constant supply of various growth factors and new blood vessels. This being said, the correct protocols are needed to optimise full clinical potential.

Most studies that have evaluated the use of PRP for hair growth have shown excellent results, but there is always a need to want to improve, this is where PRF may come in. It has been identified that PRP provides 5-7 x the concentration of platelets, in comparison to standard blood flow.

Different from normal PRP, A-PRF has a higher concentration of white blood cells (WBCs) and platelets, providing a higher amount of growth factors as compared to PRP.

Both PRP and PRF have very high concentrations of platelets, and PRP has been well established in the role in the healing of hard and soft tissue. However, normal PRP has the addition of anticoagulants and bovine serum which can limit the clinical application of PRP. PRF on the other hand is established using one slow force spin and does not use anticoagulants. Following platelet extraction it creates a three-dimensional fibrin matrix that mimics the extracellular matrix in terms of its structure. Furthermore, it works in the facilitation and growth of new blood vessels making the site highly vascular - enabling growth and connective tissue remodeling. Recent research has also shown that neutrophilic granulocytes which are released play an important role in the early inflammatory process, and also have tissue regeneration properties.

The results of i-PRF currently for hair loss can be very well appreciated, even in advanced alopecia where balding is severe becomes difficult to treat. Of the cases that have currently been studied, it can be easily stated that severe balding can be treated, not as an adjunct therapy but as the main treatment protocol without any prescription of medication.

Finally, we know and appreciate that there are many reports of successful hair regrowth by PRP treatment. However, we can now see how the literature is suggesting that i-PRF has many benefits over PRP which can be utilised in many forms of treatment, particularly in the improvement in hair regrowth. Hair regeneration and restoration with i-PRF is relatively new, but progressing well fast with many clinical based successful outcomes.


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