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Benefits of Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix with and following Hair Transplant Surgery

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelets are easily collected from the blood and are concentrated in a small volume of plasma known as platelet rich plasma (PRP). Anticoagulants are used for this procedure to stop blood from clotting. once the concentrated platelet rich plasma has been collected, and activator must be used, commonly calcium chloride, which essentially reduces the coagulation process, and results in the formation of a fibrin network. However, this is a short term and less effective procedure when compared to platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM).

What is Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM)?

PRFM represents an advanced step in the platelet gel therapeutic concept with simplified processing without anticoagulants. Unlike other platelet concentrates, PRFM in contrast to PRP, isolates platelets much faster. PRFM containing high amounts of growth factors is used in many applications such as tissue repair, dental surgery and has recently been used during hair transplant surgery is to promote healing, increase hair density and stimulate follicular unit growth. Given the success and simplicity of the PRFM technique, below we look at the efficacy of PRFM in conjunction with hair follicular transplantation surgery for the regeneration of new hair in patients in India.

Following hair transplant surgery, recent attempts have been made to modify the hair follicle microenvironment by activating the platelets to release growth factors. PRP is a method to introduce various important growth factors. This is a very good and successful treatment, only one downfall is that anticoagulants are typically used for this technique. PRFM is a new breakthrough in hair growth, which is completely natural. During the PRFM preparation process, a gel-like matrix is created, which contains high concentrations of bio-functional, platelets present within a fibrin matrix that constantly releases growth factors over a long period of time. In PRFM, the biological fibrin matrix occurs naturally and it efficiently recruits and directs the stem cell migration to the site of focus. Results obtained from in past and recent studies has led to advances in clinical application of PRFM. Improved healing has been identified and slower release of growth factors when compared to PRP.

A recent study looking to evaluate the effect of PRFM treatment on the retention of hair follicles after hair transplant surgery identified that a distinct effect of PRFM treatment in retaining the transplanted hair follicles was shown after a longer duration of treatment. It is possible that a PRFM treatment beyond six months might lead to better results in terms of hair follicle numbers and subsequent hair regeneration. Although the effect on the regeneration of follicles examined in this study is modest, a clear observation of a statistically significant differences in before and after implantation when compared to the controls was shown. It should be noted that PRFM treatment can take some take some time before full benefits are shown.


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