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Advanced Treatment For Hamstring Muscle Injuries

Efficacy of Hematoma Aspiration and Platelet-rich Plasma Muscle Injections for the Treatment of Hamstring Strains in Athletes.

The effect of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection treatment on healing recovery rates in acute hamstring injuries is a hot area of topic. This recent study looked to assess the treatment effect using a combination of hematoma aspiration and muscle injury PRP injection in partial hamstring muscle tears in athletes.

MRIs of athletes with hamstring strains have been reviewed from 2013 to 2018. Half of this time athletes were treated conservatively and the other half with a combination of muscle hematoma aspiration and PRP injection. During this period, the outcome, including return-to-play and recurrence rate, was compared between the 2 groups. There was no significant difference in age, type of sport, and muscle involvement (including injury grade/location, hamstring muscle type, and length/cross-sectional area of the strain).

55 athletes were included I’m this study, and it was reported that athletes with grade 2 hamstring strains treated with a combination of hematoma aspiration and PRP injection had a significantly shorter return-to-play and a lower recurrence rate compared to athletes receiving conservative treatment.


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