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Tendon Injury Repair (non-surgical)

Our immune system is a powerful tool, with components like white blood cells and platelets patrolling our bodies, killing invaders, and repairing damaged tissue every day. 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment  Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is an affective treatment from a patient’s own blood, using the concept above. Small sample of blood is extracted and then put into a centrifuge to concentrate all of the platelets in the sample. Then the PRP treatment is prepared in the form of a simple injection injection and then used to treat damaged tendons. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma Procedure Platelets are used to trigger the production of collagen in the tendon, which repairs and heals damage to the tendon. The platelets also may disrupt pain receptors, causing reduced pain. Who is a candidate for PRP Treatment? PRP therapy is a great option for tendon injuries when other therapies either haven’t worked or are not an option.

A good option if tried conservative therapy without significant improvement in pain or function or have tried other nonsurgical therapies without much relief

Also a good option if you cannot have or want to postpone surgery. It is also important to remember is that—whether or not you decide to give PRP injections a try—they should be used in combination with other treatments like exercise, physical therapy, medications, and other therapies as part of a larger treatment plan.

Find out more on non-surgical tendon repair. We have helped many patients here at Dynamic Osteopaths & Regenerative Medicine with very good success 


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