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PRP treatment: Via injection or Dermal Roller/Pen? Dynamic Regenerative Medicine Birmingham

You may be asking yourself what is the best method of treatment with platelet rich plasma (PRP). For both HAIR RESTORATION & SKIN REJUVENATION. There are two methods of treatments which are currently available: 

One) PRP treatment via Injection 

This is the favourable and far more effective method of treatment of PRP. This treatment you are injecting a high concentration of platelet rich plasma into the deep dermal layers of the skin and deeper still.

Two) Applying PRP to the top of the skin or scalp via a paste method, then simply using a dermal rolling/pen over the top of the skin.

In general terms this is the cheaper non-injection technique and therefore the platelet rich plasma is not injected into the skin and not used to it full potential. Some clinics who are unable to provide and perform injection treatment will tend to do the derma roller treatment instead.

With PRP injections, we are able to inject the whole amount of PRP as deep into the superficial and deep layers of the skin or scalp as wished, beyond 3 mm. Here, the platelet rich plasma is absorbed and used to its full potential for the release of growth factors for - hair follicle stimulation and the stimulation of collagen. Pasting PRP concentration over the skin or scalp and then simply applying a dermer roller over the top will not allow for full penetration into the deeper skin layers. Dermal Roller technique will only tend to penetrate to a max of 2mm, and furthermore it is very important to understand that the PRP layer on top of the skin will still remain on top of the skin and will not penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. In addition, the majority of the PRP is not used to its full potential and is wasted.

Both techniques are still very helpful in improving and rejuvenating the skin but it is important for the patient to understand exactly what is happening with their PRP, where it is going and what is best for its use.

Dermal roller treatment then PRP injection

This is a very affective method we tend to use quite frequently here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine for skin rejuvenation and scar treatments. Here, we initially use a demer roller over the skin to stimulate skin repair on the superficial layers. Then we will gain PRP and inject the PRP into the deeper layers of the skin where it is needed and required for optimal benefit.

PRP treatment for Hair Restoration 

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment for hair loss requires injection technique of PRP.

Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine we do however, offer all the treatments above, tailored to your specific needs.

Dynamic Regenerative Medicine 

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