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Are there any side effects with PRP treatment? Dynamic Regenerative Medicine

PRP is a very safe procedure to perform as the cells come from yourself. 

Most associated mild side effects following an injection tend to go away within 24hrs, paracetamol can be taken if absolutely necessary. It’s best to have relative rest for a few days following the injection and avoid intensive exercise for several days following injections, but mild exercise and movement usually isn’t a problem, infect we promote this. Following on from an injection, rehabilitation is crucial. PRP treatment side effects can sometimes include: - mild swelling at the injection site - Mild discomfort and stiffness - Signs of an allergic reaction (To the needle for example) this tends to be very rare.

- infection, again very rare

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a biological form of treatment which is pro inflammatory. Meaning, following on from the injections, after a few days you may feel mild discomfort that is associated with local inflammatory response, this is normal and is a good thing.

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