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Eye Treatment: Tear Trough Filler. Dynamic Regenerative Medicine Solihull

Tear Trough filler treatment using PRP

The tear troughs are located at the inner corners of the eyes, next to the nose, where our tears run. As we age, people will often experience problems with this particular area in the form of hollowing or deepening, often due to the depletion of the fat in the area and reduced cheek volume. Due to its hollowness it can give a person a sunken and almost gaunt look, which only adds years to someone’s appearance. Alongside this one can also experience dark circles under the eyes and puffiness.

When treating the tear trough area, especially when there is a reduction in fat pockets, Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine in Solihull we suggest that a combination approach of volume correction and skin quality enhancement is best. This can be done without the need for hyaluronic acid filler, but if this is needed it will be advised in order to correct the lack of volume in the area. PRP platelet-rich plasma will then improve the quality and pigmentation of skin. This procedure can also work to treat dark eye circles, which can make one look tired. We have seen much success in addressing this issue with the help of platelet-rich plasma. Over the course of a few sessions spanning a few months, improvements in the skin quality should be vastly noticed due to the increased collagen production and blood supply that PRP delivers. Coupled with the addition of volume, giving patients healthier and thicker skin, which results in a more youthful look. Find out more

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