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PRP treatment for hair Loss Birmingham and Warwickshire

Platelet-rich plasma PRP treatment for hair loss is new and exciting, and early results have been very promising.

A recent dermatological study of 50 patients with male pattern baldness found that microneedling and PRP treatment to be a safe, effective and promising method to treat both male and female hair loss.

The study, conducted by the Department of Dermatology at NHL Municipal Medical College randomly divided the 50 subjects into two groups of 25. The first group was given topical minoxidil alone, while the second received topical minoxidil with PRP treatment. At the end of six months, there was a significant improvement in the second group’s results. The use of PRP injections in patients with alopecia has been shown to promote hair regrowth, decrease hair loss and increase the thickness of the hair. Patients typically have injections of platelet-rich plasma into the scalp once a month for three consecutive months, then twice per year afterwards as part of their maintenance program. Improvement in hair regrowth typically begins soon after the procedure and continues for several months. 

Side effects are minimal, with some swelling and redness at the injection site immediately after the procedure, and results can last for one year or longer. To learn more about this breakthrough treatment and how PRP therapy might be a good choice for you, contact us today.


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