• Adam Whatley

Skin Fillers. Dermal fillers or PRP fillers? Enhanced skin rejuvenation

Both. Combining Platelet-Rich Plasma with Hyaluronic Acid fillers delivers better success rate with enhanced results. 

New DrPRP Plasma-Fill™ Bio-Filler Maker Machine, you can opt for 100% PRP fillers when patients request to go all-organic.

PRP fillers are completely natural and organic: The dermal fillers produced by Plasma-Fill™ comes from autologous blood, so it’s 100% natural and over time, the product will dissolve into the blood stream without unwanted consequences.

Enhanced skin rejuvenation: 

The growth factors contained in PRP promote the production of collagen so its not only about volume but skin rejuvenation. Result being - Healthy skin, less blemishes and so on...

PRP also promotes healing into the mix, so if you are suffering from acne scars, excessive dryness or even minor scars, those are more likely see improvement giving the treatment a great value for money.

It is thought that stocking big brand synthetic fillers can be very expensive, that’s why we’re seeing PRP filler adoption at a record rate. There is expensive and side-effects-prone artificial stuff and the organic and cheaper alternative for pretty much the same results. Even though we can agree synthetic fillers can be better for certain cases, the cases you opt for PRP fillers will offset the costs significantly. 

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