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Single Protein Injection Could Replace Need For Knee Surgery For Osteoarthritis Patients

A single injection of protein harvested from a patient’s own blood may replace the need for knee surgery for osteoarthritis sufferers. The new 20-minute procedure sees blood drawn from the patient’s arm, separated in a centrifuge, after which part of the fluid is then injected into the arthritic knee. The surgeon who brought the treatment to the UK believes it can stop the need for keyhole surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee altogether. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, particularly affecting people aged 55 and over. The degenerative condition affects the cartilage – the joint’s connective tissue – causing pain, stiffness and inflammation. A recent study in the Netherlands published earlier this year showed that 85% of patients had little to no pain in their knee six months after the new procedure, which is called the NStride Autologous protein injection. Please click the link below to read further: 

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