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What Are The Best Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing Treatments for Skin?

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

As we age we lose skin elasticity and subcutaneous fat which leads to fine lines and wrinkles, this being partly due to free radical damage and other external influences. One of these important factors being sun damage which can leads to skin damage and accelerated skin ageing. Another is smoking and/or poor diet. Eating a healthy diet, keeping well hydrated and keeping your stress levels down can go a long way, but it still cannot combat the symptoms completely.

What Are The Best Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing Treatments for Skin?

Below we have put together a list of effective and popular non-surgical anti-ageing treatments that can be used to keep your skin looking young and healthy.

1) Dermal fillers

2) Anti wrinkle injections (Botox)

3) Platelet rich plasma (PRP)

4) Profhilo

1) Dermal fillers.

These are fillers made from hyaluronic acid (HA) that can give effective and immediate results in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It can fill in deep folds under the skin, create fuller lips and cheeks. It can create an appearance of a fuller skin by adding volume.

2) Anti wrinkle injections (Botox).

Temporary reduce muscle contraction, providing a smooth appearance to the fine lines and wrinkles. It doesn’t really help improve the skin tone or texture. It works best on the upper third part of the face.

3) Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment. Where as the above are specifically designed for creating volume and working as a muscle relaxant, platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment works on skin rejuvenation, via stimulation of natural collagen.

4) Profhilo

This is another fairly new, very popular treatment used to stimulate and promote skin elasticity via tissue bio-remodelling.

Other treatments not mentioned above are treatments like; Liquid facelift, chemical peels, dermal rolling, micro dermabrasion and fat melting.

Get in in touch to find out more on anti-ageing treatments and how we can help. We have skin clinics in Solihull and Birmingham.



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