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The Ultimate Experience in Cosmetic & Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham

Updated: Mar 29

Are you seeking the ultimate experience in cosmetic and hair loss treatments in Birmingham? Have you tired many other treatment and just not 100% satisfied? Have you tried and wasted huge amounts of time and money on hair loss treatments which have just been unsuccessful? Then maybe you need to try Dynamic Regenerative Medicine in Birmingham and Solihull.

The Ultimate Experience in Cosmetic & Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham

Dynamic Regenerative Medicine has a fantastic reputation with the treatment of hair loss in Birmingham, and has gained this reputation from helping many patients and providing fantastic clinical outcomes. Our owner and clinical director Mr Adam Whatley has been through practically every treatment possible there is for hair loss and knows what works best. To this end would like to provide TREATMENT REVIEW on hair loss, from personal experience. Mr Adam Whatley had his first FUT (strip) transplant when he was only 21 years old, due to his confidence being much lower than he would like. To his regret, this treatment turned out to have a poor outcome. A list below is some of the hair loss treatments that were tried and tested:



  3. MINOXIDIL (many different types)

  4. HAIR SYSTEM (wig)







The list went on and on...

The Ultimate Experience in Cosmetic & Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham

Unfortunately, the majority of the treatments provided poor outcomes and just a huge waste of time/money. With many hair loss treatments, you have to be careful of marketing scams, always review the clinical evidence when choosing hair loss treatments. Adam Whatley then further reported:

1) FUT surgery to have extremely poor outcomes and a bad scar

2) Finasteride to have no/limited progress and had huge relationship implications

3) Hair system (glued wig) to which he reported was the worse decision he had ever made. He had the hair system for 18 months (from various different companies) and to his regret reported it from valued experience to be a terrible decision - and would advise anyone to steer well clear of this treatment. The glue that was used to stick the wig systems down literally starved his head valued nutrients, and the smell was appalling...

4) Micro-pigmentation was done to try and hide a poor outcome from the first transplant, by adding individuals dots. This was a good treatment at first for adding shadow, but the only draw back was that Adam Whatley had to go back numerous times for touch ups as fading was apparent. Then to the disappointment the pigmentation 'dots' merged - which provided a very poor dark unnatural look. To repair this, laser was then required to get the pigment out.

Due to the POOR outcomes from the first hair transplant, Mr Adam Whatley then decided many years down the line to bite the bullet again and opt for:

- FUE (TRANSPLANT) x 3 (this in efforts to repair and improve the appearance)

Mr Adam Whatley now reports and wants to educate everyone on what has worked and what is truly the BEST OPTION FOR HAIR LOSS. Regenerative forms of treatment like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) being No.1. Only FUE hair transplant surgery is recommended if you are NOT a good candidate for regenerative treatments like PRP treatment. Regenerative treatments for hair loss are very good for individuals just suffering with generalised thinning as opposed to severe advanced hair loss. Unfortunately, PRP treatment was not around by the time Adam Whatley had his first transplant done. Then by the time regenerative treatments for hair loss become available, the hair loss was too severe.

So on this note DO NOT delay, ACT NOW. Mr Adam Whatley wants nobody to have to go through the huge ordeal he has had to go through and believes everyone deserves the best, and the best is a full natural head of head - which makes people feel great and restores confidence again. In addition to not throwing loads of cash down the drain. Adam Whatley from Dynamic Regenerative Medicine believes in quality and affordability!

Mr Adam Whatley went through his 5th transplant in 02/2019, whereby the donor area was reduced to the extent where some beard was taken (see below). The need for the extra transplant was to fill in the gaps from previous poor outcomes.

FUE hair transplant. Hair loss treatment Birmingham

FUE beard hair transplant. Hair loss treatment Birmingham

Why not get in touch to arrange a FREE consultation here at our hair loss clinic in Birmingham. All treatments are provided by experienced hair loss specialists and medical doctors.

Here at our hair loss clinic in Birmingham we are offering and providing state-of-the-art hair loss treatments in platelet rich plasma (PRP) and the new and exciting autologous micro-graft transplant to assist and help you with your hair loss concern. It is our aim here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine to give you the best quality of hair loss treatment to aid your confidence and get you to where you want to be.

Mr Adam Whatley specialises in regenerative medicine – providing safe and effective hair loss treatments.

Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine we have clinics in Birmingham and Solihull.

Get in touch today. Don't wait until your hair loss gets worse, prevention and preservation is better that cure.



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