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Scar Reduction and Camouflage Pigment Treatment: Dynamic Regenerative Medicine

Scar Reduction and Camouflage Pigment Treatment

Scar and skin camouflage treatment is an effective nonsurgical cosmetic treatment, which uses a safe range of coloured pigment in a ‘tattoo-like‘ form to to blend and disguise unwanted scarring. This treatment uses a quick and simple implant of skin coloured pigment to effectively blend scarring.

How is camouflage scar treatment done?

As there are many different types of scarring, 1-4 sessions may be required to get the desired outcome. Pigment is matched to your surrounding skin colour to get a healthy smooth finish. Initially, we may be use a ‘minimal’ conservative approach, to see how your skin reacts to the pigment.

With our treatment technique and technology, we are able to provide a long-term outcome with minimal reaction and downtime. Our ultimate focus is to provide a smooth, natural looking result.

Is the treatment painful?

This is a very simple, easy treatment with only minimal discomfort felt during and after the procedure. It will feel like tiny little scratches, the depth of the needle is only very minimal. For those people that are sensitive to pain and discomfort, we can apply some topical numbing local anaesthetic to the area to provide far more comfort.

Is the scar camouflage treatment safe?

Yes. The treatment is safe medically approved. It will be carried out by a competent, fully qualified and fully insured, experienced practitioner. Tina, our car camouflage specialist will be able to guide you effectively on the treatment process and the after-care.

Why should you choose to explore scar camouflage cover treatment?

Many of us carry scars from simple grazes during childhood to stretch marks or from accidents and surgery. Many of these we deal with just fine.

However, some scars are more visible than others, making us seek options to reduce or cover the scarring. More and more people are now looking into the benefits of scar camouflage treatment as an effective, safe and affordable option to improve the visibility of unwanted scars.

What Scars Can Be Treated?

The short answer is yes, most scars can be treated. However, it is important to understand that each body responds differently to scar camouflage treatment. This is where with a free consultation, we can examine and discuss the possible options to which can provide the best possible outcome.


Schedule a FREE consultation with Dynamic Regenerative Medicine today, and let us treat your scar and provide you with full confidence again. We have clinics operating out of Henley-In-Arden and Birmingham.

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