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Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Treatment for Low Back Pain

Effect of platelet-rich plasma injections for chronic nonspecific low back pain: A randomized controlled study.

Individuals with chronic nonspecific low back pain can often be associated with weakened ligaments leading to instability and increase sensitisation/pain. These ligaments can be strengthened by platelet-rich plasma injection and prolotherapy, which are two very common and popular forms of regenerative medicine. The recent study below assessed the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma PRP injection and prolotherapy to decrease pain and improve disability of patient with chronic low back pain.

This study was a double-blind, randomised controlled trial that was conducted over 3 years. Patients with chronic nonspecific low back pain (over 3 months), who have not responded adequately to conventional conservative management were included. Patients were treated with weekly platelet-rich plasma or lidocaine injections at the lumbopelvic ligaments for 2 weeks and then weekly prolotherapy and followed up 6 months.

Results indicated that the intensity of pain was significantly decreased in platelet-rich plasma PRP injections at 6 months as compared just lidocaine injections. In conclusion, chronic nonspecific low back pain, the platelet-rich plasma PRP injection in combination with prolotherapy is an effective intervention significantly reducing disability. Injection at the spinal and pelvic ligaments using the platelet-rich plasma and prolotherapy is also an effective treatment for pain.

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