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Hair Loss Treatment: Platelet-Rich Plasma vs Minoxidil Therapy

Hair loss affects many people and it is notoriously difficult to treat. The majority of treatment options out there are about stimulating blood flow to the scalp and battling DHT hormone. Also, hair transplantation for individuals that are suffering with more advanced balding. The majority of people that are suffering with hair loss are familiar with a treatment called minoxidil. Now individuals are becoming more and more familiar with a treatment called platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Most of the existing treatment options for hair loss are relatively slow to act which has led to a continuous search for newer modalities of treatment, among which platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has shown promising results. PRP induces differentiation of stem cells, prolongs survival of dermal papilla cells, prolongs anagen phase of hair cycle, and increases vascular supply to the hair follicles through various bioactive growth factors. A recent study looked at a comparison of the clinical efficacy of PRP therapy and minoxidil therapy to help us understand which is more efficacious, acceptable, and safe form of therapy for the treatment of hair loss.

PRP therapy has been shown to be a valuable adjuvant to topical minoxidil therapy in the treatment of hair loss. Better still, side effects with PRP therapy are minimal with better results which can make ongoing improvements. PRP therapy can be especially preferred in those patients who are unsatisfied or do not want to regularly use minoxidil. Finasteride medication has been shown that clinical effectiveness does not out do the side-effects. That being said, both forms of therapies (PRP and minoxidil) can be combined together for improved results and a better outcome.

Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine our Hair Loss Clinics in Birmingham and Solihull are dedicated to delivering the best service and treatment options in hair loss for both men and women. We speak from valued experience and have been amazed by the effectiveness our treatments have on hair loss. From clinical experience, we have found platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy to have better effectiveness over in minoxidil alone.


Don’t let hair loss get you down and affect your confidence. Schedule a consultation with Dynamic Regenerative Medicine today, and let us treat your hair loss and provide you with full confidence again. We have clinics operating out of Solihull (Henley-In-Arden) and Birmingham (Edgbaston) .

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