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Chronic Pain Treatment & Management via Regenerative Medicine

Updated: 4 days ago

Chronic pain is a common ad difficult disease in clinical practice, and there is limited effective treatment, due to the vast complexity. Inflammatory pain is a pathological pain induced by tissue inflammatory response due to infection, trauma, chemical stimulation, and many other causes.

Persistence of inflammatory pain can also lead emotional abnormalities, and other serious complications. In these cases it is vital to give pain modifying drugs to relieve pain for improving quality of life from a mental and physical perspective.

In regards to chronic pain, this can be far more complex from a neuroscientific viewpoint. Part of the spinal cord (spinal dorsal horn) is the site of the primary integration site of nociceptive (pain) information transmission, critical to developing and facilitating chronic pain, including neuropathic pain.

It has recently been reported that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can relieve pain in patients with a tendon injury, but the mechanism of this effect is unknown. PRP contains various growth factors that are involved in the healing of damaged tissues by simply centrifuging the whole blood and removing red blood cells, which are involved in the healing of damaged tissues, and can regulate cellular processes. As an emerging adjuvant therapy in surgical treatment, PRP has been widely used in clinical practice for a of conditions. PRP has been shown to attenuate chronic pain induced by inflammatory pain by inhibiting aerobic glycolysis in astrocytes, providing a new therapeutic target for the treatment of inflammatory pain.


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