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It is always been appreciated that platelets within our blood released growth factors that can enable us to activate stem cells already in the skin to grow new, younger-appearing skin. One way to activate these stem cells is through Platelet Rich Plasma PRP injections which are completely natural!


- PRP injections can increase youthful   skin thickness and elasticity

PRP injections can improve skin colour and appearance

PRP injections can lessen appearance of wrinkles

A Recent 2017 study in the Aesthetic surgery journal found that after an injection of PRP doctors observed an increase of dermis thickness (the lower of the two layers of the skin). This thickening of the skin was due to increase of elastic fibers that keep our skin elasticity, also an increase in collagen regeneration.

Another 2017 study found that Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatmenst induced a reduction skin aging, including an improvement in wrinkles and yellowish skin, associated with age. Doctors found that PRP provides growth factors that stimulate collagen production and induce the synthesis of collagen along with collagen building. 

The studies findings include:

- increase in the number of fibroblasts - increase in blood vessels in the skin - increase in collagen density in the skin

These changes produced significant reductions in wrinkle and environmentally damaged skin. More studies on Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy’s ability to rejuvenate skin tissue Published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, say that your own blood platelets can make your face look younger by attacking your wrinkles.

In this study 20 patients with different types of facial wrinkles were tested. All subjects received a single PRP intradermal injection and were clinically assessed before and after treatment for a period of 8 weeks using various testing scores including the Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale (WSRS).

The most significant results were with younger subjects that have mild and moderate wrinkles of the nasolabial folds. Side effects of PRP treatment were minimal to mild and with excellent tolerability.

CONCLUSION: “Single PRP intradermal injection is well tolerated and capable of rejuvenating the face and producing a significant correction of wrinkles.

At Cairo University, also publishing in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, doctors found that PRP injections gave significant improvement regarding skin turgor (appearance of plumpness from hydration) and overall vitality. 

In Italy, doctors found Platelet Rich Plasma to be an emerging treatment in dermatology for skin rejuvenation. In their study twelve patients underwent 3 sessions of PRP injection at 1-month intervals. Clinical and patient evaluation showed improvement of skin texture. Skin gross elasticity, skin smoothness parameters, skin barrier function, and capacitance were significantly improved. 

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