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Beat hair loss with PRP treatment Birmingham

Understanding the rising popularity of platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment for hair loss and hair restoration.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is known to heal the skin and other tissues on being injected. A component that helps in blood clotting, plasma contains proteins that promote growth of cells. It is through research and science that has led to the production of PRP by isolating plasma from the blood and making it concentrated thereafter. 

PRP therapy has been considered to be an effective treatment for hair loss and It’s becoming increasingly popular. A 2014 study on hair loss shows that PRP injections effectively treat thinning hair.

Preparation of PRP PRP is prepared from your blood by taking around 20ml of blood in the PRP kit. This blood is then spun in a centrifuge machine which separates blood into its various constituents like platelet poor plasma on the top surface and red blood cells on the bottom, and platelets in the middle. This coating of platelets on top of layer of blood cells is known as buffy coat. These platelets are them further concentrated and used for treatment. How is PRP given? The whole treatment usually takes about 45 minutes. Before injecting PRP syringes, local anaesthetic is applied on the scalp to reduce any kind of discomfort or pain. PRP is then injected into the skin at the roots of the hair. The injections should take around 20 minutes and should be practically painless. How effective is PRP? Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments will help in improving growth of existing hair and aid the reverse of hair thinning thereby making hair denser, and reduces hair fall. This is done by accurate stimulation of hair follicles which are dying.

Before having PRP treatment, it is always a good idea you check for vitamin deficiency and 9 out of 10 people today are vitamin deficient. Once you are on vitamins, PRP treatment is very effective for both men and women. It can result in almost 30 to 40 percent increase in hair growth after 3-4 sessions. 

How is PRP different than hair transplants?

It all depends on how much hair loss you have. If you complete building areas then we recommend hair transplants. Hair transplants are done at an older age. But even hair transplants are also only 60% to 70% successful. PRP helps in improving results of hair growth. Just thinning hair and whispering her PRP is very effective for preservation and Hair restoration Are there any side effects of PRP therapy? Since this treatment Involves injection of toe own substance into the skin, it has a few side effects as well. Nerve injuries, infections, damage of tissues of pain at the site of injection are some possible side effects of PRP therapy. However, since PRP is created from your own body, it reduces risks of possible allergic reactions from The PRP treatment for hair loss. 

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