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Platelet rich plasma (PRP) a treatment in orthopaedics and trauma – MENISCUS


Increased healing methods are constantly being considered for meniscus injuries in the knee because of the difficulty in healing encountered due to the poor blood supply receives.

It has been reported that meniscus cells can replicate if properly stimulated. The hypothesis of this study was that the lack of a repair in the region of poor blood supply of the and this is the reason for the absence of healing. Further ongoing studies are underway for finding out the effect that platelet injection therapy and post-operative intra-articular bleeding has on healing, repair and recovery, as well as how this would affect current and future biological adjuvants toward a cure. In theory platelet therapy should inhance healing to damaged areas of the meniscus which the body cannot repair.

Further information:

‪Meniscus Tears: How Platelet-Rich Plasma Tackles It Without Surgery [INFOGRAPHIC]‬

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