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Fighting the signs of ageing with PRP treatment

Age spots, poor skin tone, volume reduction, fine lines and wrinkles are the all signs of ageing. For patients looking for cosmetic enhancement procedures, these signs are also at the top of the list when it comes to the desire to restore a youthful appearance. Age spots Age spots are caused from years of over-exposure to the sun and can be successfully treated with PRP. Skin colour can also be improved after just three PRP treatments due to the collagen production that is stimulated and the growth factors that are released resetting the skin’s rejuvenating processes. Skin tone Tight and taught skin is the hallmark of a youthful appearance. Traditionally, dermal fillers have been used to mimic a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, PRP offers a superior alternative to dermal fillers. Rather than the limited effect of fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, PRP improves the whole face, not just isolated zones. Volume Reduction As we age the volume in our skin is reduced thanks to the natural drop in collagen and elastin production. These proteins are the main products involved when it comes to skin elasticity and volume – triggering the reproduction of both with PRP is the best way to reverse one of the more subtle signs of ageing. Fine lines and wrinkles Fine lines and wrinkles are caused again by reductions in skin elasticity and a reduction in collagen. The PRP process requires a series of small injections that place concentrated growth factors directly where they are needed. This then triggers the patient’s own natural healing procedures to stimulate the body’s biological repair processes in order to promote collagen and elastin production. The Process PRP treatments are natural, very simple and time-effective. In a period of thirty to sixty minutes, blood is drawn form the patient, spun down in a centrifuge, and processed. The platelet-rich plasma is finally re-applied via subcutaneous injection in its new concentrated form. Treatments generally last for up to eighteen months after an initial period of repeat treatment, and are entirely autologous. This means there is very little risk to the patient in terms of rejection, allergic reaction, or infection. PRP then, is the ultimate in minimally invasive, innovative cosmetic enhancement treatments. Once in situ, the platelet rich plasma triggers the body’s healing and repair processes. Collagen production is stimulated, and growth factors are delivered straight to the target site. Treatments take around three weeks before results are seen, a time frame in tandem with the repair and regeneration processes of the human body. Find our more today By contacting us at or

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