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Skin Rejuvenation: What is Profhilo?

What is Profhilo Skin Treatment?

Profhilo is an injectable anti-ageing treatment made from hyaluronic acid. It is used to treat skin elasticity and firmness. It can be used on the face, neck and decollete to treat visible signs of ageing. There is an immediately noticeable improvement in:

  • skin tone,

  • skin hydration

  • reduction of fine lines

Hyaluronic acid is usually associated with dermal fillers, and is usually used to give volume to certain areas of the face like the cheeks and lips. However, Profhilo differs to boost hydration, promote elasticity and provide bio-remodelling the skin.

How does it work?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance produced in our body, found in connective tissue like skin. Its role is to retain moisture in the body and aid the health of collagen. Hyaluronic acid is an ideal substance for binding moisture in the skin, this is also why we use it within joints to nourish our cartilage. With age, we have a naturally occurring reduction of hyaluronic acid production– Which in turn makes our skin look duller and dehydrated, along with the formation of fine lines and wrinkles forming. Profhilo contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid available. Because it is thermally bonded and not chemically bonded it acts as a hydrator not a filler. It is injected just underneath the surface of the skin where it disperses quickly and reacts with your own tissue to instantly boost hydration. Over the next four weeks phase two kick in as it goes to work boosting elastin and collagen production. This effectively remodels the skin and giving it a plumper, smoother and firmer appearance.

Due to its gel like consistency Profhilo distributes smoothly and evenly without the formation of any lumps – a potential risk with traditional fillers. This means it can be used on areas which are difficult to treat with traditional fillers, such as the neck and forehead.

Get in touch to find out further information or schedule a free consultation. We have clinics operating out of Birmingham and Solihull.



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