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PRP Treatment in Knee Meniscus Repair

Can platelet-rich plasma enhance the effect of meniscus repair? A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials Platelet-rich plasma and meniscus repair (Oct 2022).

PRP Treatment in Knee Meniscus Repair

Studies have shown that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can enhance the effect of meniscus repair. The purpose of the new study was to determine whether PRP treatment can enhance the effect of meniscus repair with respect to reduction of pain and improved function, along with cure rate in patients with meniscus damage and injury.

This study concluded that as an enhancement program for meniscus repair, PRP is worthy of further consideration in improving the function and pain of patients during the mid-term follow-up after surgery, and PRP can further improve the healing rate of meniscus repair.

Due to the poor blood supply that the meniscus receives, this greatly compromises the healing rate of the meniscus. PRP can be used to facilitate repair and healing of the meniscus, along with slowing the progression of further degenerative changes.

Study can be found here.


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