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Frozen Shoulder Treatment Birmingham & Solihull

Frozen Shoulder Treatment Birmingham & Solihull

Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is a common painful and functionally-limiting disease affecting many. So far, therapeutic options are limited and often unsatisfactory. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is being used as a treatment option in many other orthopaedic diseases since it contains growth factors that stimulate tissue repair.

This new November 2020!study looks at Efficacy of PRP injections in patients with frozen shoulder. This was a triple-blind, randomised controlled trial with 32 patients. The study concluded that PRP injections were found to be effective in both pain and disability, and showed improvements in a restricted shoulder due to a chronically inflamed joint capsule. These findings can identify that PRP injection treatment can be good possible therapeutic option in the management of adhesive capsulitis.

The study below looked to see if PRP may be valuable in the prophylaxis and treatment of secondary frozen shoulder due to capsular remodelling.

In this in vivo shoulder contracture model, PRP injections seem to reduce the severity grade of some parts (i.e., posterior synovial membrane changes) of the secondary frozen shoulder without causing any side effects. It may be considered to investigate this effect further in future studies as a potential prophylaxis of secondary frozen shoulder (e.g., in operated or immobilized shoulders) or as a treatment option for patients with frozen shoulder in the early stage.


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