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Profhilo® New Non-surgical facelift Treatment

Profhilo™ anti-ageing skin treatment is used to help: - Increase skin firmness and elasticity - Tighten and lift skin - Improve skin tone - Rehydrated skin  

Profhilo® is a new effective and natural looking non-surgical facelift treatment available here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine  Solihul and Birmingham. This treatment is a new discovery in facial anti-ageing treatment that addresses skin laxity, in addition to filling lines and wrinkles. 

Profhilo® is made up of Hyaluronic Acid, similar to Dermal Fillers, nourishesing skin cltissue and restoring firmness of the skin.  Profhilo® Treatment is used to provide ultimate hydration to your skin, hereby, reducing skin laxity and promoting skin remodelling. Profhilo® anti-aging Treatment effectively stimulates production elastin to provide your skin with more firmness. 

Results from Profhilo® skin treatment can be visibly improved after the first session. Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine with recommend a 1 month interval, before a 2nd Treatment. Profhilo® can be used on a number of areas including Full face (including eye area), neck, décolletage and hands for skin rejuvenation.

What are the treatment results with Profhilo? 

Increased skin firmness, elasticity and an overall improved quality of the skin which can be visible for up to six months post-treatment. Further advice will be given upon examination. For best results a second treatment may be recommended one month after the first treatment. Maintenance treatments can then scheduled when needed. 

What are the side effects with Profhilo?

Immediately after treatment there may be some mild tenderness and redness at the site of injection. This will generally disappear within 24-hours. Bruising is uncommon but can happen. Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine we apply natural arnica cream following injection treatment to minimise an bruising or swelling.

Rare side effects include allergic reaction or hypersensitivity or injection.

How many Treatments will I need?

Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine we recommend 2 treatments spread 4 weeks apart for best results. In some cases, where the signs of ageing are more extreme, you may require an additional treatment.

Further results can be amplified with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Treatment to simulate collagen.

Please feel free to get in touch to find out more on how this great new anti-ageing non surgical facelift treatment can help you.

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