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Hair Loss Treatment Birmingham. Mesotherapy.

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Hair loss clinic Birmingham

Hair loss is something that the vast majority have to deal with - some are affected more than others.  Noticing that your hair is a bit thinner or that the hairline has begun to recede is always a worrying thought to process. Fortunately, medical science has provided solutions to what was once considered an unstoppable force of nature. 


Mesotherapy refers to the technique by which drugs or other nutrients are delivered to a specific areas. The process of injecting a mixture of customised compounds into the skin has been expanded over the years to successfully treat many conditions, hair loss being one. 

Success is dependant on sending the right nutrients in the right amount to a specific area – in this case, the hair follicles that support hair growth. We know that most cases of hair loss is due to lack of stimulation of the hair follicles. Mesotherapy is perfect in that it can specifically transplant what is required via an easy non-invasive technique. 

Hair Loss treatment with Dynamic Regenerative Medicine Birmingham 

STOP HAIR LOSS WITH MESOTHERAPY & STIMULATE HAIR REGROWTH NATURALLY  Mesotherapy is a very effective hair loss treatment in Birmingham that can be a life-changing therapy. Dynamic Regenerative Medicine have been offering this procedure in Birmingham and Warwickshire with fantastic results, and has a reputation for offering only the most effective and proven treatments, and this is no exception. Mesotherapy for hair loss is also accompanied by anti-aging and skin conditioning treatments delivered by our aesthetic professionals in regenerative medicine. As a result, our patients can expect to receive among the best treatment for hair treatment Birmingham can deliver. 

WHAT CAUSES HAIR LOSS? Hair loss is usually the result of a combination of the factors below. Hormone imbalances  - Reduced blood circulation - Decreased nutrients to the hair follicle 

- Poor environment 

- Stress

AM I A CANDIDATE FOR MESOTHERAPY FOR HAIR? Most hair loss is based on overproduction of certain hormones combined with a lack of nutrients. Why not come in for a hair loss consultation to determine what course of action would best suit your needs. It is very likely that mesotherapy may be able help you, as it has helped many thousands of others regain that youthful head of hair. MESOTHERAPY – A CUSTOMISED APPROACH TO HAIR LOSS To combat hair loss, it is necessary to get nutrients to the hair follicle at the same time as combating DHT and reducing local inflammation. Mesotherapy does this by administering the necessary nutrients directly to the area, only a couple of mm deep. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can also be injected, thus, stimulating the hair follicles and middle layer of the skin. Also, this technique feeds the hair follicles with specifics to the needs of the patient. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, allowing for promoted natural environment. Increasing levels of collagen and elastin creates a healthy scalp, which can support healthy follicles.

WHAT MATERIAL IS USED IN MESOTHERAPY? Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine we often provide PRP injection treatment along with the possibility of DHT blocker dutasteride mesotherapy, which tends to provide substantial long lasting results.

It is can be more effective than Minoxidil (Rogaine) with over 85% of patients achieving a good result as opposed to a 50% success rate with Minoxidil. Often however, this treatment is used in conjunction with mesotherapy. 

Mesotherapy stimulates new growth while vastly reducing current hair loss, which means patients can notice an improvement within a few months. 

WHEN CAN I START TO SEE RESULTS WITH HAIR LOSS MESOTHERAPY? Most patients require a course of up to 4 treatment sessions to stimulate increased hair growth. To jump start the process, it is recommended that patients schedule 2 treatments spaced about 3 weeks apart, then the following every four weeks. 

In most cases, results will be evident between 2 and 3 months. After hair growth has been established, only maintenance treatments about every 3 months are needed thereafter. Treatments are safe, quick, easy, natural and associated with minimal pain. After treatment, patients can return to their normal activities. 


Schedule a FREE consultation with Dynamic Regenerative Medicine today, and let us treat your hair loss and provide you with full confidence again. We have clinics operating out of Solihull (Henley-In-Arden) and Birmingham.

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