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PROFHILO® Skin remodelling | PRP Rejuvenation Solihull

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

PROFHILO® is a NEW and effective, natural non-surgical facelift treatment, which is perfect for skin remodelling treatment that will give you visible results in just 2 visits.

This effective anti ageing treatment works directly on skin rejuvenation by acting on skin dehydration and laxity. It is a quick visit to perform procedures with 5 tiny injection points on each of the face, which works to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, naturally.  Results have shown to significantly improve skin tissue texture and quality, lasting approximately 6-12 months. 

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) skin rejuvenation treatment PRP is traditionally know the ’Vampire Facelift’ or the ‘Vampire Facial’, and is a Quick, natural procedure that is used to stimulate collagen production for skin rejuvenation. PRP is performed by withdrawing a small sample of the patinets blood, then carefully extracting the platelets, further concentrating on them, and injecting them into the skin to erase wrinkles and create a more youthful look.   PRP therapy is commonly used on: - Skin and the face and neck - For the treatment of scars, including surgical scars and acne scars - Hands - Stretch marks - Hair regrowth treatment Platelet Rich plasma stimulates collagen naturally via the release of growth factors from platelets with inside are blood. These growth factors stimulate the cells around the injection site plumping them up and creating volume. Results

It will take a few weeks for the results of the PRP treatment to show, but with 2 to 3 top-up treatments, the results of PRP therapy can last for up to 12, or even 18 months. There is no recovery time and no side effects.

Combining PRP treatment and PROFHILO® together is recommended for overall exceedingly good results and high patient satisfaction.

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