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Eye Bag Removal: Tear Trough Filler Treatment Solihull

This being a very popular and exciting treatment in aesthetic medicine and is known as the tear trough filler treatment.

In the majority of patients presenting with

eye bags and dark circles - we can now very successfully treat and correct this with a careful application of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. This tear trough filler treatment procedure is quick, easy to perform and the results are instant.

How does Tear Trough Filler treatment work?

Tear troughs run from the corner of the eye downwards. This hollowing can get worse as we age due to sagging skin and facial fat underneath, leaving a depression. as we age this gives the appearance of lower eye bags and dark circles. Our Tear Trough Filler Treatment in Solihull specifically adds volume that has been lost.

The tear trough treatment procedure takes only 10 minutes and the results are truly amazing. This procedure rejuvenates the tired, aging face like no other and the results can last as long as 12-18 months.

Get in touch with here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine Or schedule FREE consultation. We have clinics offering your Tear Trough Filler treatment in Solihull Birmingham.

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