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Does platelet rich plasma (PRP) need to be activated?

Updated: Mar 29

Does PRP need to be activated?

The answer is - yes! When blood is taken out the body it naturally wants to clot. An anticoagulant is added to the blood to keep the blood in liquid form. This then allows blood cells to be separated.

Once you have the desired concentration of platelet rich plasma, this then should be activated with calcium chloride or fibrin. Once this is added, it allows the platelets to do natural their metabolism following the previous addition of anticoagulant. Previous research and clinical practice, has shown that activating platelets, prior to treatment allows for effective release of appropriate growth factors that are used for clinical application. During our vast clinical experience, we have carried out treatments that have been activated and non-activated, and quite clearly the activated PRP is far more superior. This is evidently down to the release of growth factors, once stimulated and activated. Careful consideration should be adopted how much activator is used, for what treatment purpose. Here at the Dynamic Clinic, we still find it far more appropriate and beneficial to activate PRP prior to all musculoskeletal injections and cosmetic injections.


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