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Intra-operative and post-operative treatment of platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment following hair

Platelet rich plasma for hair loss Birmingham

Hair loss is often hereditary, and is characterised by progressive thinning of scalp hair. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is used to help in tissue growth by activating platelets which release large amounts of platelet-derived growth factors (PDGFs) which act on stem cells of the follicles, stimulating the development of new follicles and promoting increased blood flow.

Current evidence suggests that PRP treatment during the hair transplant plays a significant role in hair re-growth, and it hugely improves density and quality of hair growth. It is shown that patients who do undergo PRP treatment have more than 75% follicle growth whereas in non-PRP treated patients only 20% hair follicle growth. Also, up to 30% hair death rates can be reduced by injected PRP, with PRP induced new vessel formation and effect of growth factors on stem cells of bulge region. The combination of growth factors plays pivotal role in tissue repair, and regeneration and presence of plasma proteins act as a scaffold in local tissue migration. The effect may result into anagen hair growth as early as 2months.

For similar reasons to the above, a course of PRP treatment is also very beneficial post Hair transplant. Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine in Birmingham we are regularly providing PRP treatments for post-transplants and the results are much more amplified. Hair is looking, healthier and stronger.

Get in touch to find out more or schedule a FREE hair loss consultation. Here at Dynamic Regenerative Medicine we offer treatments in Platelet Rich Plasma in Birmingham, Solihull and Bromsgrove. Get in touch to find out more.

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