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Biopuncture and the Treatment of Sports Injuries

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Biopuncture is the term used to describe the injection treatment of biotherapeutics. These may be Traumeel, Lymphomyosot, Spascupreel, and Zeel. These contain low doses of natural ingredients, and the ampoule forms are specially designed for injection. In general, these products are injected either subcutaneously or into muscles, tendons, or ligaments. 

In general, Traumeel is injected for acute pain and Zeel for chronic joint pain. Spascupreel is used in muscle spasms. Several of these products may be combined in a cocktail, and a local anesthetic such as procaine 1% or lidocaine 0.5% can also be added.

Intramuscular injections

When treating athletes with minor orthopedic complaints, it is important to focus on the muscular system. Patients may suffer from pain in affected muscles and complain about associated weakness. During examination, certain areas or spots may be very tender to touch. Such points are called myofascial pain trigger points (MTPs). These spots can highly benefit for injections. These MTPs are injected with Spascupreel, Traumeel, or Zeel.

Case study: A tennis player (age 53) had pain in the right knee for six months. It was worse after playing tennis. X-rays revealed arthritis in both knees, especially on the right side; ultra- sounds were normal. An anti-inflammatory prescribed by his doctor gave quick relief but had to be discontinued due to gastric pain. During his initial visit, the patient pointed out the painful area (the right knee cap region). On clinical examination, however, it was discovered that several trigger points in the right quadriceps muscle (muscle above the area of pain) and injected a mixture of Zeel (2 ml), Spascupreel (1 ml), into those MTPs at a depth of 1 to 2 cm. The patient received three injections at each of the weekly sessions. He experienced great improvement after three sessions and achieved complete and lasting relief after seven sessions.

Case study: A woman (age 30) had experienced pain in the right groin for three months, especially while running (800 m). When Anti-inflammatories didn’t help, she decided to try injection therapy. Initially, She was injected with Traumeel into the pain area at a depth of about 2 to 3 cm. The patient experienced more than 50 percent improvement after the 2nd set of injections into the MTPs and achieved permanent relief after three weekly sessions of injections into the same trigger points. 

Injections into ligaments Ligaments are often injured by trauma and impact. Because the blood supply to ligaments is limited, recovery is usually slow. This can unfortunately results in incomplete healing. Moreover, due to the fact that ligaments have many nerve endings, especially at their points of attachment to the bone, ligament damage is quite painful.

Local injections are administered into the painful spots, close to the attachment to the bone. Traumeel is the medication of choice; local anesthetics and hypertonic sugar water (glucose 20%) may be added.

Case study: A 29-year-old professional football player was experiencing chronic neck pain that had begun two years earlier when he collided with another player. X- rays and CT scan were normal, but on clinical examination, palpation caused signicant tenderness along the back ligament on the midline of the neck. An injection for pain points with a mixture of Traumeel (2 ml), hypertonic sugar (2 ml of glucose 20%), and 2 ml lidocaine 1% on a weekly basis can Bring significant improvements. After weekly sessions, the patient was symptom-free.


Increasingly, sports medicine specialists are seeking alternatives to cortisone injections, because of the harm they can bring. Athletes are also becoming interested in medications that are safe. The time is right for althletes to discover the benefits of biopuncture injection therapy.  

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